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Gamasutra is an online magazine focusing on video game development. Read more

Gamasutra is an online magazine focusing on video game development. Read more

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Gamasutra News

February 5, 2019Gamasutra

Keeping the spirit of Lionhead alive in the gorgeous 2D world of Kynseed

PixelCount Studios' Matt Allen explains the trials, tribulations, and lessons from developing Kynseed... See more »
October 17, 2018Gamasutra

Join the Digital Extremes team as a PR Manager

The studio is looking for someone to plan, produce and execute world-class strategic PR initiatives w... See more »
October 3, 2018Gamasutra

Funcom is hiring External Producers

Funcom is looking to hire two talented External Producers to handle the management of the company†™... See more »
September 17, 2018Gamasutra

Game industry veteran Gene Mauro

In addition to the impactful work Mauro did as founder of CEG, he co-founded Myelin Media, a video g... See more »
August 20, 2018Gamasutra

The Game Band is hiring a Platform/Build Engineer

LA-based The Game Band is looking for a Platform/Build Engineer to create tools and systems to advanc... See more »
August 6, 2018Gamasutra

Battle for Azeroth and the death of nuance

Gamasutra contributor Katherine Cross examines World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Battle for Azero... See more »
July 26, 2018Invision Community

Marble Legends 3D Arcade Launches on iOS and Android

Spawn Digital has released Marble Legends 3D Arcade as a free download on mobile platforms. Marble Le... See more »

Gamasutra Blogs

October 19, 2020Gamasutra Blog

How to Lead Successful Playtesting Sessions for VR Games - by Eleanor Wright

​More players than ever before have access to VR, increasing the demand to create great VR experience... See more »
October 19, 2020Gamasutra Blog

Shaping narrative and graphic through influences - by Thomas Pagani

An article about how various influences and references helped shaping the layered narrative of Team S... See more »
October 19, 2020Gamasutra Blog

Which studios does Sony own? - by vimla devi

Sony, the gaming tech giant is known for its imaginative games & the infinite exclusives. Here&#0... See more »
October 19, 2020Gamasutra Blog

What happened with Microsoft's Switch publishing experiments? - by Simon Carless

This game discovery look examines an interesting area of research - how Microsoft playing nice with o... See more »
October 19, 2020Gamasutra Blog

Why Game Developers are Monetizing with Cash Tournaments - by Nick Contino

Monetizing your mobile game is often an exercise in sacrifice. How many ads can I insert before users... See more »
October 19, 2020Gamasutra Blog

How to Become A Unity Developer (Complete Beginner's Guide) - by Bernard Polidario

Have you been researching how to become a unity developer or how to learn game development? If so, th... See more »
October 16, 2020Gamasutra Blog

Shaders for beginners (with examples in OpenGL and Defold) - by Pawel Jarosz

I had many problems with understanding shaders, but after getting a grasp - it is so easy, convenient... See more »

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Gamasutra is an online magazine focusing on video game development. Gamasutra was founded in 1997. Gamasutra's headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, USA 94107. Gamasutra has an estimated 93 employees and an estimated annual revenue of ...


Frequently Asked Questions about Gamasutra

  1. When was Gamasutra founded?

    Gamasutra was founded in 1997
  2. How much revenue does Gamasutra generate?

    Gamasutra generates $4.1M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Gamasutra have?

    Gamasutra has historically raised $0 in funding
  4. Where is Gamasutra's headquarters?

    Gamasutra's headquarters is in San Francisco California, USA
  1. How many employees does Gamasutra have?

    Gamasutra has 93 employees
  2. What sector does Gamasutra operate in?

    Gamasutra is in Internet Software, Gaming
  3. Who are Gamasutra's competitors?

    Gamasutra's top competitors are Dual Shockers