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Flytenow Funding History

Since Flytenow was founded in 06/2013, it has participated in 1 round of funding. In total Flytenow has raised $15.0K. Flytenow's funding round was on Jan 2014 for a total of $15.0K





Jan 2014

Dorm Room Fund

Since Flytenow was founded in 06/2013, it has participated in 1 round of funding. In total Flytenow has raised $15.0K. Flytenow's funding round was on Jan 2014 for a total of $15.0K

Flytenow Investments

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Flytenow News

June 3, 2016The Register

second appeal fails

Not an Uber of the skies, just an attempt to bypass general aviation regulationsFlytenow, the bunch o... See more »
January 26, 2016Aviation Week Network

AirPooler and Flytenow Are No Longer Operating

Two web-based aircraft ride sharing services have been shot down by the FAA. The "Ubers of the air" a... See more »
December 23, 2015Engadget

Flightsharing website closes due to court ruling

DC's Court of Appeals has decided to uphold the FAA's ban on flightsharing websites, forcing Flytenow... See more »
December 23, 2015The Internet

Flytenow Shuts Down After Court Rules Against Flightsharing Startups

Airplane ridesharing startup Flytenow today announced that it is shutting down after a court recently... See more »
December 22, 2015Los Angeles Times

California-based flight-sharing company must remain closed, federal court rules

A California-based flight-sharing company that offered an online service to connect private pilots wi... See more »

Boston startup goes to Washington to take on the FAA

Lawyers representing a Boston-based plane-sharing company are slated to make their case before a pane... See more »
January 8, 2015AVIATION WEEK

Flytennow Sues FAA To Continue Services

Flytenow, a business that connects private pilots with passengers who want to share flight costs thro... See more »

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Flytenow Headquarters

319 Huntington Ave

Boston, Massachusetts02115


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Flytenow was founded in 06/2013. Flytenow's headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA 02115. It has raised 15.0K in 1 round. The latest round was in Jan 2014. Flytenow's primary investor is Dorm Room Fund. Flytenow's Co-Founder & CEO, Ma...


Flytenow's Co-Founder & CEO, Matt Voska, currently has an approval rating of 68%. Flytenow's primary competitors are

Frequently Asked Questions about Flytenow

  1. When was Flytenow founded?

    Flytenow was founded in 06/2013
  2. Who is Flytenow's CEO?

    Flytenow's CEO is Matt Voska
  3. How much revenue does Flytenow generate?

    Flytenow generates $ < 1M in revenue
  1. How much funding does Flytenow have?

    Flytenow has historically raised $15K in funding
  2. Where is Flytenow's headquarters?

    Flytenow's headquarters is in Boston Massachusetts, USA
  3. How many employees does Flytenow have?

    Flytenow has 0 employees