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March 31, 2015Firstapp Blog

MCT Congress 2015

The emergence of patient-centric applications provides a great opportunity for pharmaceutical drug de... See more »
March 2, 2015Firstapp Blog

Why not use wearable tech in clinical trials?

The clinical trial process is widely known to be complex and painstaking and is often criticized for ... See more »
January 28, 2015Firstapp Blog

mHealth reduces the cost of clinical trials

Digital health, one of the biggest trends in 2015, is essentially the integration of technology in he... See more »
August 13, 2014Firstapp Blog

Wearable Biomarker Detection

There's a lot of activity in the mHealth sector around the treatment and monitoring of diabetes. The ... See more »
June 17, 2014Firstapp Blog

Smartphone breath-analysis for diagnosis

Within two years, smartphone sized devices could sample your breath as a means to test for cancer acc... See more »
June 4, 2014Firstapp Blog

Samsung's Simband Health Wearable

Self-health biometric monitoring is a trend that's only going to grow in the immediate future. Vario... See more »
March 31, 2014Firstapp Blog

Stem Cell Brain Repair

In January this year a team of Boston and Japanese scientists discovered a remarkable yet simple way ... See more »

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Firstapp was founded in 2010. Firstapp has an estimated 9 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 149.7K....

Frequently Asked Questions about Firstapp

  1. When was Firstapp founded?

    Firstapp was founded in 2010
  2. How much revenue does Firstapp generate?

    Firstapp generates $ < 1M in revenue
  1. How much funding does Firstapp have?

    Firstapp has historically raised $0 in funding
  2. How many employees does Firstapp have?

    Firstapp has 9 employees