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July 8, 2016First Baptist Church Blog

Go, Tell and Teach…

Since first hearing our Pastor's report on his trip to Brazil last year, and in response to the sugge... See more »
July 8, 2016First Baptist Church Blog

Ministry that costs nothing, accomplishes nothing.

I decided to go on the Brazilian missions trip, as I have always wanted to go on a foreign missions t... See more »
July 8, 2016First Baptist Church Blog

Denying self - to follow Him and serve others

Over the past year God has been working in my life to teach me things about my relationship with Him.... See more »
July 8, 2016First Baptist Church Blog

Ministering to other Believers

Since I started attending First Baptist Church, I have really felt the Lord working in my life and am... See more »

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Wixom, Michigan48393

(248) 624-3823

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Fbcwixom was founded in 1838. Fbcwixom's headquarters is located in Wixom, Michigan, USA 48393. Fbcwixom has an estimated 42 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 2.7M....



Frequently Asked Questions about Fbcwixom

  1. When was Fbcwixom founded?

    Fbcwixom was founded in 1838
  2. How much revenue does Fbcwixom generate?

    Fbcwixom generates $2.7M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Fbcwixom have?

    Fbcwixom has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Fbcwixom's headquarters?

    Fbcwixom's headquarters is in Wixom Michigan, USA
  2. How many employees does Fbcwixom have?

    Fbcwixom has 42 employees