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January 23, 2019Expat Tax Cpa's Blog

Tackling The Qualified Business Income Deduction

Proposed Section 199A regulations (REG-107892-18) released on August 8, 2018 further clarify the calc... See more »
January 23, 2019Expat Tax Cpa's Blog

Can Expats Benefit From The 2018 Qualified Business Income Deduction?

The qualified business income deduction only applies to income amounts effectively connected (ECI) wi... See more »
June 26, 2018Expat Tax Cpa's Blog

Sales Tax For e-Commerce Sellers

As an e-commerce seller, perhaps you have heard about sales tax but only in passing or perhaps you th... See more »
February 14, 2018Expat Tax Cpa's Blog

רפורמת המסים של טראמפ

לקוחות רבים שואלים כיצד חוקי המס החדשים בארה"ב החלים החל מה-1 בינואר, 2018 ישפיעו עליהם והאם הם נדרשי... See more »
February 1, 2018Expat Tax Cpa's Blog

Trump's New Tax Bill (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) Has Been Finalized - What Does This Mean For You?

Many of my clients have been reaching out asking how the new US tax rules that come into effect as of... See more »
January 10, 2018Expat Tax Cpa's Blog

What's an FBAR and Do I Need to File?

FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) refers to FinCEN Form 114 filed with the Financi... See more »
December 24, 2017Expat Tax Cpa's Blog

Revocation of Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

For expats that have filed Form 2555, thereby taking advantage of the foreign earned income exclusion... See more »

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377 Forest Avenue

Woodmere, New York11598-2832


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Expat Tax Cpa's' headquarters is located in Woodmere, New York, USA 11598-2832. Expat Tax Cpa's has an estimated 6 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 329.6K....

Frequently Asked Questions about Expat Tax Cpa's

  1. How much revenue does Expat Tax Cpa's generate?

    Expat Tax Cpa's generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Expat Tax Cpa's have?

    Expat Tax Cpa's has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Expat Tax Cpa's's headquarters?

    Expat Tax Cpa's's headquarters is in Woodmere New York, USA
  2. How many employees does Expat Tax Cpa's have?

    Expat Tax Cpa's has 6 employees