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Enerpac  is a provider of  high-force tools and equipment used in industrial markets.

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PrivateSubsidiary of Actuant Corporation

Industry Sector:

Industrial Machinery & Equipment


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Enerpac was founded in 1910 and its headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Enerpac has $55.0M in revenue and 222 employees. Enerpac's top competitors are Sawyer Manufacturing Company, Calumet Chicago and Morris Material Handling.

Enerpac Competitive Set





EnerpacEnerpac ceo

1Sawyer Manufacturing Company ceoSawyer Manufacturing Company

2Calumet Chicago  ceoCalumet Chicago

3Morris Material Handling ceoMorris Material Handling

4Hydratight ceoHydratight


Thomas Cox


6Philips ceoPhilips

Frans van Houten


7GE ceoGE

John Flannery


8Google ceoGoogle

Sundar Pichai



Enerpac Revenue History

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Enerpac Employee History

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Enerpac News

Enerpac: Fake hydraulic cylinders lead to rejected service claimsNon-genuine hydraulic cylinders are becoming an increasing problem for people seeking maintenance and replacement, according to Enerpac.The company's Australasian service centres are seeing more claims for these 'look-alike' cylinders that are brought in needing to be fixed when they break down or wear out.According to the company, the problem is particularly acute in New Zealand, but also encountered in Australia. It often costs the owner of the cylinders double the amount when they lose production time with the defective item, and then are unable to get it fixed under Enerpac warranty."We were surprised when the claims started happening because Enerpac cylinders are designed for lowest total cost of ownership, with quality and value built into their engineering. They are engineered not to fail," said Enerpac New Zealand Hydraulic Specialist Neville Stuart."But then we looked closer and realised they weren't our tools, but look-alike cylinders painted nearly identically to our cylinders. All that was different on some was the absence of the Enerpac brand."Also, one look-alike range catalogue is nearly a mirror image of ours. It uses the same layout and almost indistinguishable product coding from the style used by us, the trusted market leader."The look-alike situation has been developing insidiously over the past several years and is now coming to the point of legal action, which Enerpac has commenced, said Stuart.According to the company, the ways in which buyers of industrial products and services can protect themselves include:Nominate the use of only named, quality equipment when they specify and order - dealing with OEM products and authorised distributors with full service backing and the guarantees and traceability that companies such as Enerpac provide.Build a relationship with a reliable supplier who is prepared to supply the names of established customers in similar industries to the one being quoted. Experience and input from customers - a true knowledge partnership - is fundamental to the design, development and production.If in any doubt, check with major distributors and OEMs to ensure that the products being quoted are the products that they are represented to be.Thoroughly familiarise staff with correct safety procedures through on-site training courses run by reputable suppliers.Image caption: Enerpac Hydraulic Specialist Neville Stuart with a cylinder featuring the branding that makes all the difference.Safety Solutions
Enerpac: Strand jack scaffolding innovation Heavy lift specialist Enerpac has supplied Korea-based Kles with strand jacks for its innovative tower scaffolding systemKHL
Enerpac: Enerpac RT Series long-stroke multistage telescopic hydraulic cylindersEnerpac RT Series long-stroke multistage telescopic cylinders in capacities from 14-31 tons can lift loads up to 600 mm in a single movement.Designed for long cylinder strokes in confined spaces, the telescopic cylinders feature a multistage rod built from a series of nested steel tubes of progressively small diameter. The longer stroke length is designed to save operators time and simplify projects by moving loads a greater distance and eliminating the use of temporary cribbing. It also saves time, labour and WHS benefits by enabling the hydraulics to be applied swiftly without the need for multiple set-ups and plunger extensions required for shorter-stroke types.User convenience and WHS benefits are further extended by the company's 700 bar high-pressure engineering, which concentrates more lifting power into smaller cylinders.The nitrocarburised surface treatment inside and out provides side-load resistance and corrosion protection for safe use in harsh conditions, such as those encountered in aggressive environments of building and construction, structural and civil engineering, metal processing and fabrication, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas production, bulk handling, manufacturing and infrastructure development and maintenance, including water, waste water and energy utility installation and maintenance work.Other features include 3% side load of full capacity; double- or triple-wear bearing support lifting stages; tilting saddles with 5° of maximum tilt; lifting eyes for safe handling and positioning; and steel cylinder base for maximum strength.Safety Solutions
Enerpac: Enerpac launches Skyffolding systemKLES has developed the system for boiler construction and maintenance in thermal power plant projects. Traditional scaffolding is a stacked structure constructed from bottom to top, concentrating the total load on the base. In the event that lower levels of scaffolding are damaged, it may trigger a complete collapse. In an effort to reduce this risk, KLES has developed the Skyffolding system - a new approach that reverses the order of scaffolding construction from top to bottom.HEAVY LIFT PFI
ENERPAC posted a video "Air Driven Hydraulic Power Unit for High Cycle Applications - DuroTech Series | Enerpac" on YOUTUBEENERPAC Youtube Channel
Enerpac: High-tonnage ultra-flat cylinders for harsh conditionsEnerpac has released its new CUSP-Series and CULP-Series high-tonnage ultra-flat cylinders designed for harsh conditions which require low clearance especially for industrial maintenance and construction applications The CUSP-Series has an integrated tilting function with 10 to 1 000-ton capacity ...North American Clean Energy
Enerpac: Enerpac offers low-height skidding optionEnerpac Heavy Lifting Technology has launched the Low-Height Skidding System.Heavy Lift PFI
Enerpac: Enerpac SPMT to move spent nuclear fuelHoltec International has bought an Enerpac SPMT600 for transporting spent nuclear fuel at Sizewell B in the UKKHL
Enerpac: Collett puts Enerpac jack-up to workFirst use for Collett's new 1,000 tonne capacity Enerpac JS-250 incremental lifting systemKHL
ENERPAC posted a video "Venturi Valve Technology - Improves Cylinder Retraction Speed | Enerpac" on YOUTUBEENERPAC Youtube Channel



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Enerpac Headquarters

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N86 W12500 Westbrook Crossing

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209


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Enerpac Company Profile

Enerpac  is a provider of  high-force tools and equipment used in industrial markets. Enerpac was founded in 1910. Enerpac's headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53209. Enerpac has an estimated 222 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 55.0M.

Visit the Enerpac website to learn more.