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eMotimo is a Private company. eMotimo generates $41.3K in revenue per employee eMotimo has 2 followers on Owler.

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October 16, 2018eMotimo Vimeo Channel

"How to install MYT Works integration kit" on VIMEO

Follow Brian Burling along as he shows you how to simply and efficiently install the MYT integration ... See more »
October 16, 2018eMotimo Vimeo Channel

"Macro Motion Control" on VIMEO

The eMotimo Spectrum combined with the MYT works slider is a great combo for doing tighter macro work... See more »
October 16, 2018eMotimo Vimeo Channel

"eMotimo X MYT Slider" on VIMEO

We have been working in the background with MYT Works for several months to bring this kit to life.It... See more »
September 6, 2018eMotimo Vimeo Channel

"Real time and timelapse blend" on VIMEO

A quick and dirty test of the SpectrumST4 playback engine.Cast: eMotimo... See more »
March 23, 2018eMotimo Vimeo Channel

"Dragonframe 4 with the spectrum ST4 real time interface." on VIMEO

We have been working with the developers at Dragonframe to unlock the real-time device capability. Wa... See more »
February 13, 2018eMotimo Vimeo Channel

"eMotimo spectrum ST4 + Dana Dolly. What can you shoot in a day?" on VIMEO

The eMotimo spectrum ST4 + Dana Dolly kit enables you to take your professional productions to new le... See more »
November 30, 2017eMotimo Vimeo Channel

"Cloning with eMotimo spectrum ST4 and Dana Dolly" on VIMEO

Quick 4 pass repeatable shot, cloning the subject. Shots were aligned for timing, then subjects were ... See more »

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eMotimo has an estimated 11 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 454.5K....

Frequently Asked Questions about eMotimo

  1. How much revenue does eMotimo generate?

    eMotimo generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does eMotimo have?

    eMotimo has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. How many employees does eMotimo have?

    eMotimo has 11 employees