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Elements Massage is a provider of personalized therapeutic massage services for immunity boosting, muscle pain, stress relief and injuries.

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Jeremy Morgan


Jeremy Morgan

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Health Care Services





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Elements Massage was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is located in Woodridge, Illinois, USA. Elements Massage has $1.7M in revenue and 129 employees. Elements Massage's top competitors are Massage Heights, Green Leaf Massage Therapy and Back & Bodyworks.

Elements Massage Competitive Set





Elements MassageElements Massage ceo

Jeremy Morgan


1Massage Heights ceoMassage Heights

Glenn M. Franson


2Green Leaf Massage Therapy ceoGreen Leaf Massage Therapy

Brad Green


3Back & Bodyworks ceoBack & Bodyworks

Sharon Schneider


4Urban Massage ceoUrban Massage

Jack Tang

Co-Founder & CEO


6CityLux Massage  ceoCityLux Massage

7Perfect London Massage ceoPerfect London Massage

8leemcmichael ceoleemcmichael


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Elements Massage Employee History

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Elements Massage Leadership

Jeremy Morgan
Jeremy Morgan



Elements Massage News

Elements Massage Blog Vibrant greenThe color green, associated with the month of March, is a symbol of rebirth, regrowth, renewal and positive energy. It is a calming color, representing the balance and harmony between the head and the heart. It is the color of spring, when nature awakens from a long slumber and revitalizes the earth with fresh, new growth.Green renews and restores our energy when we are feeling weary. It is the most restful color to the human eye, which is why there is so much of this color in abundance on the earth, and why it is important for us to preserve these green spaces.Green is also the color of the Heart Chakra, located at the center of the chest area. Opening this Chakra allows us to feel more love, empathy, and compassion.There are numerous green vegetables and fruits, which are full of natural nutrients and vitamins, which provide valuable benefits to our bodies.It is no wonder that nature selected this beautiful color to be all over the planet. It provides us with so many beneficial qualities to uplift our spirit, and maintain our health. Add more of this vibrant color to your life, and watch the effects transform you! Elements Massage Blog
Elements Massage Blog Love abundantlyLove conquers all. The ability to love freely and abundantly is truly a gift like no other. There is pure joy and happiness when we love without any barriers.To achieve the ability to love others abundantly, we must first love who we are. When body and mind are integrated, it allows us to see things clearly. If we accept ourselves, without self judgments and self criticisms, we can be at peace with ourselves. By having an emotional connection between the mind and the body, we are able to see ourselves with compassion, and this opens up our capacity to love others around us, unconditionally and abundantly.An attitude of self-acceptance creates a great sense of peace. We are much more relaxed and aware of our thoughts and emotions. We are able to calm others with this attitude, and offer our strength, comfort and love. Open your heart and love abundantly! Elements Massage Blog
Elements Massage Blog Creating a life of purposeLiving with intention and purpose gives meaning to our lives.Elements Massage Blog
Elements Massage Blog Finding calm in a frantic worldTraumatic events, the ones created by nature, have sadly been occurring more often in recent years. Catastrophic events which are created by humans have also been more frequent. During the past few years, we have been shocked to wake up and to hear on the news, yet again, about an event which claimed innocent lives. These events are disturbing to us, and shatter our sense of calm and peace.As a society, we have learned to be more aware of people in general, and the activities around us. We are being encouraged to watch for suspicious behavior by anyone, which may be a sign of distress, leading to a horrific act. Our sense of calm, and being able to live freely, is threatened. There are certain things you can do to regain your sense of peace, and balance, in a frenzied world. Take time out of each day, and practice gratitude for your life, and the wonderful people in it. Be grateful that you have a home to live in, food to gain nourishment, and people who you love and care about around you. There are many people who have lost loved ones this year, through senseless events, and others who have lost their homes. As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this month, give thanks for your good fortune, and find your peace.Happy Thanksgiving from the ETM Woodridge team, to all! Elements Massage Blog
Elements Massage Blog Silence and stillnessThe winds of seasonal change are upon us once again! So refreshing to feel the crisp autumn air to revitalize and refresh us with new energy! With the new season, maybe it's time to reflect upon how to quiet our minds so that we can put an end to non-stop thinking. All of us have an endless internal dialogue going on in our heads, sometimes impossible to stop. This constant chatter can lead to stress - in particular, the chatter which thrives in all of the unwanted thoughts and situations which our minds can create.One way to control the internal dialogue is through meditation, which can help bring awareness to the thoughts we want to nurture. Our thoughts affect our actions, and our state of mind. Consciously allowing selective thoughts into our minds, and feeding on those positive/good/nurtured thoughts, can help us to feel more in control. Thoughts/feelings of negativity and apprehension create stress in our minds and bodies. So, choose to allow only selective thoughts to enter your mind. Start with five minutes a day of silence, and grow from there. You will see the difference in your mind, body and soul! Elements Massage Blog
Elements Massage Blog We are honoredThis past month, at the Elements Massage annual national conference, Elements Woodridge received recognition for attaining a significant and an honorable membership level. We were awarded a beautiful award for this achievement and are very proud of being rewarded for doing something we truly enjoy. We have members who are still with us today, from the first day/month/year we opened, and for that, we feel so honored. As each year passes, we have added to our knowledgeable and talented team. Each individual brings a unique skill to the Elements Massage Woodridge team, and contributes to the combined effort to educate our clients about massage and it's healing benefits, and the importance of including it as a part of your health maintenance. Elements Massage Blog
Elements Massage: You Dont Have to Climb Mountains for the Perfect Massage Elements Massage Announces Rollout of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage at All Studios NationwideElements Massage Is the First National Massage Franchise Brand in the United States to Offer This Innovative Service Featuring 100 Pure Himalayan Pink Salt Elements Massage one of the fastestgrowing therapeutic massage fra...BioPortfolio
Elements Massage Blog Choose to "re-path"When we set a path in life, and then face insurmountable obstacles, it is often difficult to "re-path". That is, re direct ourselves onto a new path in life.Life happens to everybody. That is a given. Nobody's life is a bed of roses, although it may look so from the exterior. It is so important, especially when facing traumatic circumstances, to take some time to find our balance. Reconnect with nature. Taking long walks by yourself will allow you to feel and accept aloneness, responsibility and acceptance, of the traumatic situation. Feeling the distance between sky and earth, and putting one foot in front of the other, will build inner strength to continue moving forward. Solitude and nature are healers for the soul.Others are able to move forward by the support of their inner circle. Having a few people to reach out to in times of distress, to vent and to express emotions, provides a warm blanket of comfort. There is no one path for healing, and also for finding the ability to move forward. What is important is how we choose to heal, and then making an effort to "re-path" our lives. Elements Massage Blog
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Elements Massage Headquarters

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1001 75th St Suite 131

Woodridge, Illinois 60517


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Elements Massage Company Profile

Elements Massage is a provider of personalized therapeutic massage services for immunity boosting, muscle pain, stress relief and injuries. Elements Massage was founded in 2000. Elements Massage's headquarters is located in Woodridge, Illinois, USA 60517. Elements Massage's CEO, Jeremy Morgan, currently has an approval rating of 71%.

Elements Massage's CEO, Jeremy Morgan, currently has an approval rating of 71%. Elements Massage's primary competitors are  Massage Heights Green Leaf Massage Therapy Back & Bodyworks.

Visit the Elements Massage website to learn more.