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March 2, 2017Elegant Femme Blog

I have nothing to wear

Part of my expression in the world has to do with fashion. I am a Natural Essence Frenchie and my st... See more »
February 16, 2017Elegant Femme Blog

What To Do If Someone Copies You

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How to deal with Grief

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December 19, 2016Elegant Femme Blog

Our Favorite Things 2017

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Find The Perfect Red

how to choose (YES, lipstick for the holidays!) I am being called to have fun and explore more of the... See more »
November 23, 2016Elegant Femme Blog


Here we are...Thanksgiving in the states....the end of the year is coming. We have the holidays and f... See more »
November 10, 2016Elegant Femme Blog

2 Steps to Enhance Creativity (and fertility)

I am about to step into a pretty big journey personally, around fertility and creation. I believe tha... See more »

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Elegant Femme has an estimated 6 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 68.2K....

Frequently Asked Questions about Elegant Femme

  1. How much revenue does Elegant Femme generate?

    Elegant Femme generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Elegant Femme have?

    Elegant Femme has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. How many employees does Elegant Femme have?

    Elegant Femme has 6 employees