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Vutiliti is one of eGauge's top competitors. Vutiliti is a Private company that was founded in Sandy, Utah in 2015. Vutiliti is in the Systems Software field. Vutiliti has 6 fewer employees vs. eGauge.

Wattics is perceived as one of eGauge's biggest rivals. Wattics was founded in 2011 in Dublin, County Dublin. Wattics operates in the Internet Software industry. Wattics generates $1.9M less revenue than eGauge.

AlsoEnergy is a top competitor of eGauge. AlsoEnergy's headquarters is in Boulder, Colorado, and was founded in 2007. AlsoEnergy competes in the Renewable Energy Equipment & Services field. AlsoEnergy generates 172% of eGauge's revenue.


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eGauge News

September 12, 2017Solar Power World

eGauge Systems announces eGauge Lite for solar and whole-home energy monitoring

eGauge Systems, a manufacturer of energy monitoring systems, today announced the development of eGaug... See more »
July 10,

"Professional Edition" Energy Meter Bolsters eGauge Product Line

BOULDER, Colo., July 11, 2017 -- eGauge Systems LLC, a company specializing in metering hardware and ... See more »

eGauge Blogs

February 26, 2018eGauge Blog

How to Download Demand Data to a CSV File From Your eGauge

Downloading max demand values to a spreadsheet file is simple with our recent firmware update, v3.3.1... See more »
January 26, 2018eGauge Blog

3 Tips For a Successful CT Meter Installation

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January 22, 2018eGauge Blog

What is Power Factor?

Power factor is the ratio of real power (kW) to apparent power (KVA). This ratio can be a value from ... See more »
November 13, 2017eGauge Blog

How to Measure Peak Demand with Set and Rolling Averages

Knowing how your utility company measures demand is important because it can affect how you minimize ... See more »
November 7, 2017eGauge Blog

How to Set a Freezer Failure Alert

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November 6, 2017eGauge Blog

A Risky Home Appliance: The Meat Freezer

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October 30, 2017eGauge Blog

Why the Whitefish Contract is Suspicious

The Whitefish contract to restore the power grid in Puerto Rico has been making quite a splash in the... See more »

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Boulder, Colorado80301


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eGauge was founded in 2007. eGauge's headquarters is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA 80301. eGauge's President, David Mosberger, currently has an approval rating of 90%. eGauge has an estimated 46 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 5.2M....


eGauge's President, David Mosberger, currently has an approval rating of 90%. eGauge's primary competitors are Vutiliti, Wattics & AlsoEnergy.


Frequently Asked Questions about eGauge

  1. When was eGauge founded?

    eGauge was founded in 2007
  2. Who is eGauge's CEO?

    eGauge's CEO is David Mosberger
  3. How much revenue does eGauge generate?

    eGauge generates $5.2M in revenue
  4. How much funding does eGauge have?

    eGauge has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is eGauge's headquarters?

    eGauge's headquarters is in Boulder Colorado, USA
  2. How many employees does eGauge have?

    eGauge has 46 employees
  3. What sector does eGauge operate in?

    eGauge is in Renewable Energy Equipment & Services
  4. Who are eGauge's competitors?

    eGauge's top competitors are Vutiliti, Wattics, AlsoEnergy