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Boost Search is EdLights's #1 competitor. Boost Search was founded in Burbank, California} in null. Boost Search operates in the industry. Compared to EdLights, Boost Search generates $ less revenue.

Ebay Global is one of EdLights's top competitors. Ebay Global was founded in 1995 in , . Ebay Global operates in the Apparel & Footwear industry. Ebay Global generates $ less revenue than EdLights.

MCH Strategic Data is a top competitor of EdLights. MCH Strategic Data was founded in 1928, and is headquartered in Sweet Springs, Missouri. MCH Strategic Data is in the Marketing Services industry. MCH Strategic Data generates $11.5M more revenue vs. EdLights.


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3570 E 12th Ave 3rd Floor

Denver, Colorado80206


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EdLights is a market-intelligence platform that provides insights about K-12 schools and education for students. EdLights was founded in 2011. EdLights' headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado, USA 80206. EdLights' CEO, Charles Isham, currently h...


EdLights's CEO, Charles Isham, currently has an approval rating of 70%. EdLights's primary competitors are Boost Search, Ebay Global & MCH Strategic Data.

Frequently Asked Questions about EdLights

  1. When was EdLights founded?

    EdLights was founded in 2011
  2. Who is EdLights's CEO?

    EdLights's CEO is Charles Isham
  3. How much revenue does EdLights generate?

    EdLights generates $3.5M in revenue
  4. How much funding does EdLights have?

    EdLights has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is EdLights's headquarters?

    EdLights's headquarters is in Denver Colorado, USA
  2. How many employees does EdLights have?

    EdLights has 30 employees
  3. Who are EdLights's competitors?

    EdLights's top competitors are Boost Search, Ebay Global, MCH Strategic Data