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Aramsco has been one of Edcoinc's top competitors. Aramsco was founded in 1966, and is headquartered in Paulsboro, New Jersey. Aramsco competes in the Real Estate Development & Operations industry. Aramsco generates $167.6M more revenue vs. Edcoinc.

United Surface Preparation is a top competitor of Edcoinc. United Surface Preparation is a Private company that was founded in Anoka, Minnesota in null. United Surface Preparation competes in the Industrial Suppliers field. United Surface Preparation has 176 fewer employees vs. Edcoinc.

BW Manufacturing is perceived as one of Edcoinc's biggest rivals. BW Manufacturing was founded in 1996, and its headquarters is in Comstock Park, Michigan. Like Edcoinc, BW Manufacturing also competes in the Industrial Machinery & Equipment field. BW Manufacturing has 126 fewer employees than Edcoinc.


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Edcoinc News

April 12, 2019For Construction Pros

EDCO CPU-10 10-in. Self-Propelled Crete-Plane

Edco says its CPU-10 10-in. Self-Propelled Edco CPM10Action Convertible hood design on the CPU-10 al... See more »
February 25, 2019KHL

EDCO's new distributor network

US manufacturer partners with three distributors to better serve independent rental customers... See more »
September 18, 2018For Construction Pros

EDCO VAC-200 - CFM HEPA 2.0 Vacuum

EDCO Vacuum Systems are superior to common shop vacs when creating healthy and safe working environme... See more »
September 18, 2018For Construction Pros

EDCO CPM-8 - 8" Walk Behind Crete-Plane

Crete-Planers (Aka Milling Machines) level, clean, and texture surfaces. They repair common slab prob... See more »
September 18, 2017Commercial Property Executive

Baltimore-Area R&D Park Welcomes New Tenants

St. John Properties inked two new leases totaling more than 30,000 square feet at its 44-acre Riversi... See more »

Edcoinc Blogs

December 26, 2019EDCO Blog

Guide to Short-Distance and Long-Distance Cutting

Unlike Surface Preparation Equipment, which is a broad term encompassing different machines for diffe... See more »
December 26, 2019EDCO Blog

Step Cutting Promotes Safe and Productive Saw Use

Step cutting entails the operator making incremental cuts in the concrete to progressively work towar... See more »
November 14, 2019EDCO Blog

Guide to EDCO's Professional Sawing Equipment and its Profitability

EDCO had the opportunity to contribute our knowledge of the rental profitability of saws. This infor... See more »
July 15, 2019EDCO Blog

Evolution of the EDCO Logo

Original EDCO Logo (1959): 60 years ago, the newly founded Equipment Development Company's dual-disc ... See more »
June 15, 2019EDCO Blog

EDCO History Decades Series: Fabricating our Future (The 2010s)

As we at Equipment Development Company- EDCO celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2019, we look back at ... See more »
May 15, 2019EDCO Blog

EDCO History Decades Series: Continuous improvement (The 2000s)

As we at Equipment Development Company- EDCO celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2019, we look back at ... See more »
April 29, 2019EDCO Blog

Frederick County Chamber of Commerce Commences Forward

In September, Rick Weldon was appointed the president and CEO of the Frederick County Chamber of Comm... See more »

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Edcoinc was founded in 1959. Edcoinc's headquarters is located in Frederick, Maryland, USA 21702. Edcoinc has an estimated 200 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 45.0M....



Frequently Asked Questions about Edcoinc

  1. When was Edcoinc founded?

    Edcoinc was founded in 1959
  2. How much revenue does Edcoinc generate?

    Edcoinc generates $45M in revenue
  3. How much funding does Edcoinc have?

    Edcoinc has historically raised $0 in funding
  4. Where is Edcoinc's headquarters?

    Edcoinc's headquarters is in Frederick Maryland, USA
  1. How many employees does Edcoinc have?

    Edcoinc has 200 employees
  2. What sector does Edcoinc operate in?

    Edcoinc is in Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  3. Who are Edcoinc's competitors?

    Edcoinc's top competitors are Aramsco, United Surface Preparation, BW Manufacturing