Dominion Energy Acquisitions

Dominion Energy has acquired 7 companies and its latest acquisition was Birdseye Renewable Energy, LLC on May 2021

Birdseye Renewable Energy, LLC

May 2021

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Birdseye is a North Carolina-based renewable energy company that designs and manufactures solar PV panels and storage systems for utility, commercial and industrial sectors.
Pivotal LNG, Inc.

Feb 2020

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Pivotal LNG is a provider of liquefied natural gas production, transportation and distribution services for commercial and residential sectors.
Scana Corp

Jan 2018

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SCANA is an energy holding company that specializes in the distribution of power and natural gas to the residential and business customers.
Questar Corp

Feb 2016

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Questar is a natural gas-focused energy company that provides retail gas distribution, interstate gas transportation and gas production.
Carolina Gas Transmission Corporation

Dec 2014

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Carolina Gas Transmission engages in distribution and transports natural gas properties.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dominion Energy

  1. What companies did Dominion Energy acquire?

    Companies acquired by Dominion Energy include Birdseye Renewable Energy, Pivotal LNG and SCANA
  2. How many acquisitions does Dominion Energy have?

    Dominion Energy has acquired 7 companies including Birdseye Renewable Energy, Pivotal LNG and SCANA.
  1. How many acquisitions did Dominion Energy make in 2021?

    In 2021 Dominion Energy acquired 1 companies including Birdseye Renewable Energy.