DGL Acquisitions

DGL has acquired 11 companies and its latest acquisition was Triox Pty. Ltd. on Apr 2023

Triox Pty. Ltd.

Apr 2023

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Triox is an Australia-based agricultural technology firm that manufactures and supplies pesticide products for agricultural and home garden sectors.
Nightingale Transport

Jan 2023

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Nightingale Transport is an Australia-based logistics company that provides services including transportation and distribution for industries such as mining and agriculture.
Flexichem Australia Pty. Ltd.

Jul 2022

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Flexichem is an Australia-based chemical company that manufactures silicone and non-silicone chemicals for industries including food, automotive, mining and oil and gas.
Total Coolant

Apr 2022

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Bondlast NZ Ltd

Mar 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions about DGL

  1. What companies did DGL acquire?

    Companies acquired by DGL include Triox, Nightingale Transport and Flexichem
  2. How many acquisitions does DGL have?

    DGL has acquired 11 companies including Triox, Nightingale Transport and Flexichem.
  1. How many acquisitions did DGL make in 2023?

    In 2023 DGL acquired 2 companies including Triox and Nightingale Transport.