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Cpklaw Funding History

Cpklaw has participated in 1 round of funding. In total Cpklaw has raised $350.0K. Cpklaw's funding round was on Apr 2020 for a total of $350.0K





Debt - PPP (CARES Act)
Apr 2020
$350K - $1M

U.S. Small Business Administration.

Cpklaw has participated in 1 round of funding. In total Cpklaw has raised $350.0K. Cpklaw's funding round was on Apr 2020 for a total of $350.0K

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Cpklaw Blogs

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Cpklaw Headquarters

501 S 8th St

Las Vegas, Nevada89101

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Cpklaw's headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89101. It has raised 350.0K in 1 round. The latest round was in Apr 2020. Cpklaw's primary investor is U.S. Small Business Administration.. Cpklaw has an estimated 66 employees and an estimate...



Frequently Asked Questions about Cpklaw

  1. How much revenue does Cpklaw generate?

    Cpklaw generates $3.1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does Cpklaw have?

    Cpklaw has historically raised $350K in funding
  1. Where is Cpklaw's headquarters?

    Cpklaw's headquarters is in Las Vegas Nevada, USA
  2. How many employees does Cpklaw have?

    Cpklaw has 66 employees