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ComFreight provides freight matching and freight bidding web application for logistics industries. Read more

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319 Followers on Owler
319 Followers on Owler
319 Followers on Owler

ComFreight provides freight matching and freight bidding web application for logistics industries. Read more

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uShip is seen as one of ComFreight's top competitors. uShip was founded in 2003, and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Like ComFreight, uShip also competes in the Courier, Logistics & Freight Services industry. uShip generates $32.5M more revenue vs. ComFreight.

Truckstop Group LLC is a top competitor of ComFreight. Truckstop Group LLC was founded in 1995, and its headquarters is in New Plymouth, Idaho. Like ComFreight, Truckstop Group LLC also competes in the Courier, Logistics & Freight Services field. Truckstop Group LLC has 309 more employees than ComFreight.

CitizenShipper is ComFreight's #3 rival. CitizenShipper was founded in Broomfield, Colorado} in 2008. Like ComFreight, CitizenShipper also works within the Courier, Logistics & Freight Services industry. Compared to ComFreight, CitizenShipper generates $6.5M more revenue.


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ComFreight News

ComFreight Blogs

February 20, 2020Comfreight Blog

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October 30, 2019Comfreight Blog

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ComFreight Press Releases

February 26, 2015PRWEB

ComFreight Load Board App Partners with TAFS, Inc to Help Carriers and Brokers

ComFreight, The Commercial Freight Marketplace and Load Board App, has partnered with TAFS to help tr... See more »
February 16, 2015PRWEB

ComFreight Launches New API to Help Automate Freight Bidding Process

The ComFreight Marketplace App and Load Board has released a new API that can be easily integrated to... See more »
January 31, 2015PRWEB

New Freight Matching Web App Helps Trucking Companies Fill Empty Truck Space

New freight matching web application is helping trucking companies, owner-operators and carriers fill... See more »
December 1, 2014PRWEB

Logistics Web App and Load Board ComFreight Is Helping Trucking Companies Find Loads

Improved speed of ComFreight's web app is allowing more trucking companies to find loads without brea... See more »
October 23, 2014PRWEB

Doing Load Boards With No Ads and No Contracts

A New Online Freight Marketplace and Load Board is shaking up the freight matching and logistics web ... See more »
September 25, 2014PRWEB

ComFreight is Doing Freight Matching Differently and Has a New Take on the Old Load Boards

ComFreight is changing the way freight and logistics companies are connecting online and the model fo... See more »
August 19, 2014PRWEB

ComFreight Load Board Changes The Way Trucking Companies Find Loads

ComFreight is part of the new movement to a new way of helping carriers and transportation providers ... See more »

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ComFreight provides freight matching and freight bidding web application for logistics industries. ComFreight was founded in 2013. ComFreight's headquarters is located in Long Beach, California, USA 90802. ComFreight's Co-Founder & CEO, Steve Kochan,...


ComFreight's Co-Founder & CEO, Steve Kochan, currently has an approval rating of 78%. ComFreight's primary competitors are uShip, Truckstop Group LLC & CitizenShipper.


Frequently Asked Questions about ComFreight

  1. When was ComFreight founded?

    ComFreight was founded in 2013
  2. Who is ComFreight's CEO?

    ComFreight's CEO is Steve Kochan
  3. How much revenue does ComFreight generate?

    ComFreight generates $8.5M in revenue
  4. How much funding does ComFreight have?

    ComFreight has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is ComFreight's headquarters?

    ComFreight's headquarters is in Long Beach California, USA
  2. How many employees does ComFreight have?

    ComFreight has 36 employees
  3. What sector does ComFreight operate in?

    ComFreight is in Courier, Logistics & Freight Services
  4. Who are ComFreight's competitors?

    ComFreight's top competitors are uShip, Truckstop Group LLC, CitizenShipper