CineMilled is a Private company. CineMilled has an estimated revenue of <$1M and an estimate of less <10 employees.

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CineMilled Videos

June 24, 2020CineMilled Vimeo Channel

"CineMilled Magnetic Nail-On Plate" on VIMEO

Available now; use a traditional "nail-on" plate? E... See more »
June 18, 2020CineMilled Vimeo Channel

"CineMilled Remote Antenna Mount for DJI Master Wheels" on VIMEO

Available DJI Master Wheels have a gre... See more »
June 16, 2020CineMilled Vimeo Channel

"CineMilled Protective Mask" on VIMEO

Available now!! Get yours here!'s almost time to go bac... See more »
May 26, 2020CineMilled Vimeo Channel

"3/8" Rigging with Houdini's & GH5s starring GiGi !" on VIMEO

Get your CineMilled Rigging clamps and more we a... See more »
April 21, 2020CineMilled Vimeo Channel

"CineMilled Baby Pins !!" on VIMEO

Find all your CineMilled Rigging products world fa... See more »
April 14, 2020CineMilled Vimeo Channel

"Dock and ROLL with CineMilled !!" on VIMEO

Get your expensive gear the respect and care it deserves. Dock it with CineMilled!Get you CineMilled ... See more »
March 26, 2020CineMilled Vimeo Channel

"MasterWheels Mount Kit" on VIMEO

Order today: a s... See more »

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Frequently Asked Questions about CineMilled

  1. How much revenue does CineMilled generate?

    CineMilled generates $ < 1M in revenue
  2. How much funding does CineMilled have?

    CineMilled has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. How many employees does CineMilled have?

    CineMilled has 0 employees