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CAE Acquisitions

CAE has acquired 12 companies and its latest acquisition was Sabre's Aircentre Airline Operations on Oct 2021



Sabre's Aircentre Airline Operations

Oct 2021

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RB Group

Apr 2021

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RB Group is a Netherlands-based crew engagement services company that offers modern crew-focused mobile apps and operators' enterprise solutions for the aviation industry.


Military Training Business, L3Harris Technologies

Mar 2021

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Merlot Aero Limited

Dec 2020

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Merlot Aero develops flight crew management software and airline operations solutions for the aerospace industry.


TRU Simulation + Training Canada Inc

Nov 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions about CAE

  1. What companies did CAE acquire?

    Companies acquired by CAE include , RB and
  2. How many acquisitions does CAE have?

    CAE has acquired 12 companies including , RB and .
  1. How many acquisitions did CAE make in 2021?

    In 2021 CAE acquired 3 companies including , RB and .