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and its headquarters is located in Niles, Illinois, USA. Bombay Electronics' top competitors are BargainOffers, WGC and 220-Electronics.

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Bombay ElectronicsBombay Electronics ceo

1BargainOffers ceoBargainOffers


3220-Electronics ceo220-Electronics

4Collective Benefit ceoCollective Benefit

5Avant ceoAvant

6Garnand Fine Furniture ceoGarnand Fine Furniture

7Harres Appliance ceoHarres Appliance

8Leonard'S Furniture ceoLeonard'S Furniture

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Bombay Electronics Blog An OREI HDMI Splitter Can Help You Have A Comfortable And Enjoyable Viewing ExperienceWith all of the technological changes, it seems that all of the television devices, computers, video gaming devices already come with HDMI ports and converters. However, it seems that many people will need more connectors in order to connect all of their products to their televisions.In the world we live now, people have several devices connected to their televisions. People can connect their DVD players, video game consoles, laptops, tablets, and other devices. However, there always seems to be few connectors in the back or side of televisions. An HDMI splitter, like the OREI HDMI splitter, can help people attach additional devices in order to allow them to comfortably enjoy their surroundings. They will not have to constantly get out of their seat to change cables, especially switching from watching movies to playing video games. This kind of HDMI splitter allows you to comfortably enjoy your television and other devices while experiencing great performances and consistency. So in these times, it is not difficult to connect all of your favorite devices into your big screen television. These splitters, converters, and other switches are accessible in different sizes and shapes. A great thing about this is that the splitters will not lower the quality of your devices. One of the purposes of an HDMI splitter is to allow the display output to be seen on a number of different screens. These splitters can not only be used in your home, but it can also be used in office settings, concerts, schools, and a wide range of other places that want to take advantage of the wonderful technology we have. The OREI splitter can be easily moved and placed in an area until it is ready to be used again. You will not have to constantly step over wires or make a huge mess filled with tangled wires and cables.All you have to do is make sure that you purchase a splitter cable that is long enough or short enough for your purpose.Contact us at Bombay Electronics to discover how an OREI HDMI splitter can help you have a comfortable viewing experience. Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog Choosing the Best Essential Oil DiffuserEssential oils, it came all the rage lately, but with good reasons. They are, in a sense have a therapeutic effect with incredible power. You would find a number of essential oils and each is famous for its unique offering. These are mainly used for aromatherapy, body or skin care, and a number of personal needs. It is also a nice and appealing way to welcome the guests to your place, and works as a perfect mood setter for an extraordinary evening as well. However, most of us know a little bit about the essential oil diffuser that avail us the benefits of these essential oils.It is always good to release the essential oils through an oil diffuser, even it is one of the great ways to get the therapeutic effects in an economical way. It helps break the oil into small nontoxic particles that spread into the air where you could feel and inhale them. It not only makes your living space smell amazingly good, but also cleanse the bacteria present in the air while reducing stress level, improving concentration and boosting your mood! It's no wonder that most serene places like yoga centers and spa rooms often make use of oil diffusers to create a peaceful environment. If you have been to these places, then you might have felt the soothing effects by yourself.No doubt it's a beautiful addition to any home or office space, but the question arises here is, which one is the best for you? Listed below are the main types of diffuser and each one with different benefits:Ultrasonic: It releases the oil as a part of a fine mist that enhances the moisture level in the air and is ideal for the drier climates that irritate people's lungs. It's very economical as it requires only a small amount of oil along with the water to give the soothing effect. Nebulising: It doesn't use water, but could create fine oil particles that efficiently release the therapeutic effectsEvaporative: It follows the natural evaporative process that includes blowing of air onto the oil with the help of a fan. It offers comparatively less therapeutic effect as different ingredient of the oil evaporate at different rates.Heat:It uses an open flame, generally a candle to release the oil and shares the same mechanism as the evaporative oil diffusers. It is very quiet, economical, and readily available.Literally, the essential oils are the best things that plant produce, and it plays a vital role in combating deadly bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The users are less likely to face infectious diseases and recover faster than the antibiotic users. That's the reason it is very important for a healthy and prosperous living. So, get the right diffuser to avail with most of the benefits of essential oils.Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog 5 Reasons As to Why You Should Get An Oil DiffuserEssential oils are now recognized as something more than just natural perfumes.essential oil diffuser is an effective and enjoyable way to experienceUsingaromatherapy in your home. A few drops of essential oils can deliver therapeutic aromatherapy throughout the area while clearing the air and creating an amazing fragrant environment. So, why don't you invest in essential oil diffuser today and enjoy the benefits of a happy, relaxing and healthy environment?Have a look at those below mentioned advantages:Make use of less oil: Diffusers that use heat burn through oils very quickly to spread the same amount of scent into your air. When using an essential oil diffuser, you only use a fraction of oil to get the same fragrance effect.Boost the immune system: If you have a strong immune system, then you are less likely to get ill. When you inhale essential oils, they go directly to the lungs. There they are quickly captivated into the bloodstream and circulated all over the body within a few minutes. On a daily basis, diffusing immune supportive essential oils improves your immune system.Used as natural perfumes: Essential oils not only smell good, but improve concentration and uplift mood. A nourishing atmosphere of harmony and peace can be created, by diffusing essential oils. You can also spray this on laundered clothes or on your pillows.Anti-stress and emotional support: No more stress! Essential oils help manage with high moments of stress. Take some amount and rub it softly behind the ears and nape of neck. You can also add it into a relaxing massage that allows you to enjoy its amazing calming vapors. Such smells can reduce blood pressure and slow heart rate.Used for spa and relaxation: You can also use it as spa that helps refresh the mind and body, maintain and promote psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. It is an incomparable sensual experience that regain confidence and self-esteem most especially for women.You can use essentialoils diffusers in the home, health spas, hotels, hospitals, offices and even cars. Nowadays more people are going back to nature as an alternative way of health problems and healing diseases. So relax your fatigue body and mind with this exclusive and safe essential oil diffuser.Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog Find the Right Voltage ConverterThe world has got divided into different power grids. Some countries function on 110 volts where as some on 220 volts. It is here when the problem arises. Whenever people travel from a country which operates on 220 volts to a country that operates on 110 volts then most of their electronic appliances do not function. To make sure that most of these 220 volts appliances function it's essential that one has 220 volts power tools which allow the 220 volts electronic appliances to get the right flow of proper and function properly. One such 220 volts power tool is 110V to 220V travel voltage converter.Type and Size of voltage converter:In case you decide to carry an electronic gadget that were generally bought inside a 110 volt country and utilize them inside a 220 volt country, a "Step-Down" converter gets required. If you decide to carry an electronic gadget that were generally bought inside a 220 volt country and utilize them inside a 110 volt country, a "Step-Up" converter gets required. Work with a voltage converter that has a Wattage that's 2-3 instances above your current appliance. This additional wattage is a preparatory measure to guarantee that your equipment will work legitimately and that the voltage converter won't get harmed. Remember that a transformer with a higher watt rating will never hurt your apparatus, however in the event if you purchase one that is not sturdy sufficient, it won't work.Step Up and Step Down voltage converters:Step-down voltage converters get used to venture down the power in the countries that utilize 220 volts, 230 volts, or 240 volts. These stride the power down to 110 volts so you can utilize 110 volts gadgets and machines.Step-up voltage converters permit the individuals to venture up from 110 to 220 volts. Furthermore, some of the step up converters also work for step down, meaning they can get utilized as a part of both courses, to venture up voltage from 110 to 220 volts and venture down voltage from 220 to 110 volts. This style of converter is commonly known as a 2-way or step-up/step-down voltage converter.Otherwise known as a power converter or voltage transformer, voltage converter converts the voltage of any power source to a create an usable and safe power supply. The need for it often arises for people who travel abroad or take overseas vacation and bring electronics along with them. They usually are big in size and are so designed that they can get used at a stretch for longer duration.Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog Holiday Shopping Deals: ZAQ Galaxy Diffusers on Sale Now and Shipped FreeWhat are you hoping to buy for the aromatherapy lovers on your gift list? If you're stumped, we've got a product that we'd like to recommend. It's the ZAQ Galaxy. The ZAQ Galaxy is a 200 ML essential oil diffuser that's crafted out of a high quality ceramic and a powerful LED light. It's suitable for use with a variety of oils and has one thing that many other diffusers do not.The special feature comes courtesy of the company's Advanced LiteMist aromatherapy technology. It's a proprietary way of infusing the air with moisture as well as fragrance. Consequently, people that use the ZAQ Galaxy diffuser are more apt to enjoy beautiful skin all year through. Now how may aromatherapy diffusers do you think are able to provide that benefit as well?On top of that, the ZAQ Galaxy Diffuser is capable of improving a building's interior environment for up to ten hours on a single charge. An A/C adapter, which is sold separately, may be used to extend its use. We should also mention that the diffuser features an automatic shut-off and uses very little power in the first place.In addition to the Advanced LiteMist aromatherapy technology, the cool-to-the-touch LED light changes colors while the ZAQ Galaxy Diffuser is in operation. So in effect, a person's room will be flooded with soul soothing light as well. Some of the colors that have a tendency to appear are green, aqua, yellow, blue, pink and white.To learn more about the ZAQ Galaxy Diffuser, please contact us at Bombay Electronics today. In advance of the gift giving holidays, we are offering free shipping to people that order the ZAQ Galaxy Ceramic LiteMist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers and other items that total $25 or more. Plus, we always offer great customer service and a 100% secure shopping environment as well as waive sales tax on orders being shipped out of our home state. Therefore, you can feel confident that purchasing ZAQ Galaxy Diffusers for everyone on your guest list won't break the piggy bank or leave you greatly dissatisfied.Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog Testing Your Voltage Converter Before You Use It Is A Wise DecisionWhen you are planning to leave the country for business related reasons, personal reasons, vacation reasons, etc., you will more than likely see electrical systems that have either 220 volts to 240 volts. In the United States, the electrical systems are set at 110 volts up to 130 volts. When you are traveling to another area, you will of course want to use your electrical devices such as your television, cell phone charger, laptop, and other devices. In order to use these devices, you will need to purchase a voltage converter. Bombay Electronics has voltage converters, and all other devices that you will need in order to use your products. Voltage converters are sold for the purpose of allowing you to use your favorite products when you travel internationally. Just like any other device that you purchase, you should test them before you pack them and take them with you. You do not want to damage your devices that you spent your hard-earned cash on because the voltage of your device, and the converter you purchased did not match. You will need to use a step-up voltage transformer. You should set the voltage transformer in a range between 220 and 240 volts. After the range has been set, you will need to plug the voltage converter into the transformer. The models will be made differently, so the method will vary depending on the voltage transformer you have selected. If it is necessary, you may need to use an adapter in order to fit your voltage converter into the transformer. The voltage converter will be given a current in the range specified above. Carefully inspect your voltage transformer because you do not want it to overheat. If it is not overheating and you think that it is working properly, you will want to plug in your device or appliance. Let it stay plugged in for a few minutes, and inspect it again to determine if it will overheat. Many of the devices we use can change their voltage without needing the assistance of a converter. It is always a wise decision to do the necessary research on your devices and the tools that you will need to help them work on your trip.To discuss voltage converters and how to test them, contact us at Bombat Electronics. Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog A Foreign Plug Adapter: One of the Essential Items to Bring on Your TravelsWhen you travel to a different country, you may notice that different plugs are used, and this is when you will need to use a foreign plug adapter to charge or use the electronics you brought along. Since many countries require different adapters, you will want to find what you need before making a purchase.Convenient to HaveNot having a foreign plug adapter can be a major problem, depending on where you travel. Going to a place where there are no nearby stores that carry these plugs can leave you without the use of electronics, unless you spend a lot of time and effort to get your hands on one. However, buying one or even two and bringing it along with you on your travels will help you avoid this inconvenient situation.Avoid Potential DamageIt is easy to feel like you are at home, trying to plug in your electronics, only to realize that the reason the plug is not going into the socket is because you are in a different country. In order to avoid damage to your electronics, you definitely want to bring a foreign plug adapter as a constant reminder.Essential for PreparationIn order to be completely prepared for traveling, this is just one of the items that you should not forget to bring along. While there are other items that also fall into this category, bringing along an adapter to use your electronics may be the only way you will get to use them.Contact us if you have any question about foreign plug adapters or about the selection we carry.Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog Does Bombay Electronics Offer the Best Values on Region Free Blu-Ray Players?Have you ever wondered, "Does Bombay Electronics offer online shoppers the best value on region free Blu-ray players?" If so, you'll be happy to note that the answer is a big, fat, resounding, "Yes!" We do offer shoppers the most region free, Blu-ray bang for their buck and here are five reasons why that statement rings true:1.) Best Blu-Ray Brands For starters, Bombay Electronics has absolutely all of the best brands of region free, Blu-ray players available. So you'll never have to sacrifice special features and durability in the name of securing a low price. The list of region free, Blu-ray brands that you'll frequently see on sale includes, but doesn't end with:Pioneer and PanasonicDenon and YamahaSony and SamsungOppo and OnkyoMarantz and LG2.) Best Blu-Ray FeaturesAs we indicated previously, top-of-the-line, region free Blu-rays also come equipped with first rate, awe-inspiring features that you can trust will work as expected. Some of the ones Bombay Electronics' customers seem to value the most are:3D/4K/2K Built-ins or Upscaling OptionsCompact Design with Built-in Wi-FiPAL/NTSC Playback Capabilities100-240V Worldwide Voltage3.) Best Lifetime Payback GuaranteeSpeaking of playbacks, region free Blu-rays purchased through Bombay Electronics' online store typically come with remarkable guarantees. One of them is a lifetime, region free, playback guarantee. It helps to ensure that you'll be as happy with your region free player's performance years from now as you are today.4.) Best Money Back GuaranteeThey aren't the only reasons why Bombay Electronics is credited as offering their customers the best values on region free Blu-ray players. There's also the added benefit of being able to take advantage of a full 30-day, money back guarantee on all region free Blu-ray players.5.) Free Shipping on Select OrdersFree shipping on select orders is another feature that makes Bombay Electronics the best purveyor of region free Blu-ray players on the net. And trust us, it doesn't take much to qualify for complimentary shipping either. In most instances, all that's required is a purchase that totals $25 or more. To discover all of the details and continue learning why we offer the best values on region free electronics, please contact us.Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog An Oppo Region Free Blu-ray Player Allows You to Watch Movies AnywhereWhether you do a lot of traveling or you are moving to another country and don't want to have to replace all of your current Blu-ray movies, an Oppo region free Blu-ray allows you to watch your movies anywhere.Different countries have different regions in which Blu-ray movies will play. For instance, the United States uses Region A which is Region 1, as well as South East Asia, Japan, and Korea. However, if you travel to Europe, Greenland, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, or the Middle East, you can only play Region 2 movies without that type of player. There is also a Region C or Region 3, which is in Russia, China, Nepal, Pakistan, India, and Central and South Asia.Some Blu-ray movies come region free but that's hardly a given and if you have a collection that you have had for a number of years, you would have to either replace your movies, which is expensive, or buy a player that works in that country. However, even if you did that, your own movies would not play if the regions don't match. This can be expensive either way but you don't have to worry with a region free Blu-ray player such as one from Oppo. These players play every region available so you can keep the movies you own and be able to buy new ones in the country you're in. It's much cheaper than replacing your movies or never being able to buy new movie since you're using your old player.For instance, one Oppo player feature 4K Upscaling, dual HDMI input and output, 3D playback, but most importantly, it has all Blu-ray and DVD regions playback.If you want to learn more about what kind of player to choose or have questions, simply contact us so we can help.Bombay Electronics Blog
Bombay Electronics Blog Aromatherapy Diffuser or Scented Candles, Which One to Opt for?An apparatus used to scatter the scent of different oils and substances into the air is an aromatherapy diffuser. The device transforms your workplace, home or hotel room into your personal oasis. This is an incredible find of modern times that not only lends a peaceful smell to your room but also serves as a therapeutic extra to your being in the room. Otherwise, scented candles were the major source for changing the aura of an ambiance.The Problem with Scented CandlesUndoubtedly, scented candles was the most common approach to so-called aromatherapy, which is merely a method of dispersing scented oil fragrance through burning. Basically, the aromatic oils need not be burned or heated. The chemical components of essential oils are able to have intense effect on person's health and in well-being of mind and soul. While burning or heating the essential oils for dispersing the odor, the chemical components break and losses their natural properties. This eventually alters the curative properties and also the therapeutic factors of oil.Scented candles are a huge source of indoor air pollution and they put off chemicals that are considered just as dangerous as second-hand smoke. Most of them are made from paraffin wax, which is huge source for toxic toluene and benzene. These chemicals are almost similar to fuel fumes, liberated from burning of petrol. Some are designed with synthetic perfumes and scents, which causes additional harmful gases in the air when burnt. Even toxins mostly found in paint and varnish such as Carbon Tetrachloride, Chlorobenzene, Acetone, Trichloroethene, and many more that has powerful impact on environment are commonly found.Aromatherapy Diffuser: An Alternative to Scented CandlesFortunately, Aromatherapy diffuser are a great alternative to scented candles. This can purify the sir around you by dispersing balanced amount of aroma oils. The diffuser bring freshness and also create a healing atmosphere around us. Instead of heating the essential oil the diffuser disperse the essential oils in a micro-fine vapor that stays suspended in the air for several hours. It allows you to inhale the oils to relieve respiratory infections, colds, and asthma. You could breathe in anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties of essential oils which will keep good health.Choosing an Aromatherapy Diffuser:Aromatherapy diffuser are now available many online stores. You could choose from their vivid varieties such as Fan Diffusers, Nebulizing Diffusers, Diffuser Pots, Special Purpose Diffusers, etc. All forms work well with provides calming effects to the users. Get a better sleep, stay alert, feel relaxed, uplift the spirit, and enjoy a romantic atmosphere with the useful and therapeutic aromatherapy diffusers.Bombay Electronics Blog



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