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Baremetrics, Inc

Baremetrics provides SaaS analytics and metrics for SaaS businesses with recurring billing sectors. Read more

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Control Mobile Inc. is the biggest rival of Baremetrics, Inc. Control Mobile Inc. was founded in 2014, and its headquarters is in Vancouver, British Columbia. Control Mobile Inc. operates in the IT Services industry. Control Mobile Inc. has 8 more employees than Baremetrics, Inc.

Alt Thirty Six has been one of Baremetrics, Inc's top competitors. Alt Thirty Six is a Private company that was founded in Tempe, Arizona in 2015. Alt Thirty Six competes in the Application Software industry. Alt Thirty Six has 44 more employees vs. Baremetrics, Inc.

ChartMogul is Baremetrics, Inc's #3 rival. ChartMogul was founded in 2014 in Berlin, Berlin. ChartMogul is in the Internet Software industry. ChartMogul generates $2.3M more revenue than Baremetrics, Inc.


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What is Negative Churn? (And How to Achieve it)

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I sold Baremetrics

2020 has turned in to one of the most unusual years of my life, for both the obvious reasons but also... See more »
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Tiered Pricing Model Explained (In Plain English)

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Usage-Based Pricing: What SaaS Companies Need to Know

Does “you get what you pay for” actually apply to SaaS companies?Depends on who you ask.While the con... See more »
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Revenue Churn: How to Calculate, Track & Improve

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Baremetrics, Inc Headquarters

548 Market St Suite 22583

San Francisco, California94104

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Baremetrics, Inc Summary



Baremetrics provides SaaS analytics and metrics for SaaS businesses with recurring billing sectors. Baremetrics, Inc was founded in 2013. Baremetrics, Inc's headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, USA 94104. Baremetrics, Inc's Founder, ...


Baremetrics, Inc's Founder, Josh Pigford, currently has an approval rating of 68%. Baremetrics, Inc's primary competitors are Control Mobile Inc., Alt Thirty Six & ChartMogul.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baremetrics, Inc

  1. When was Baremetrics, Inc founded?

    Baremetrics, Inc was founded in 2013
  2. Who is Baremetrics, Inc's CEO?

    Baremetrics, Inc's CEO is Josh Pigford
  3. How much revenue does Baremetrics, Inc generate?

    Baremetrics, Inc generates $ < 1M in revenue
  4. How much funding does Baremetrics, Inc have?

    Baremetrics, Inc has historically raised $0 in funding
  1. Where is Baremetrics, Inc's headquarters?

    Baremetrics, Inc's headquarters is in San Francisco California, USA
  2. How many employees does Baremetrics, Inc have?

    Baremetrics, Inc has 6 employees
  3. What sector does Baremetrics, Inc operate in?

    Baremetrics, Inc is in IT Services, Analytics, SaaS
  4. Who are Baremetrics, Inc's competitors?

    Baremetrics, Inc's top competitors are Control Mobile Inc., Alt Thirty Six, ChartMogul