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Apptopia is an online discovery platform that provides data mining and business intelligence services for the mobile industry.

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Eliran Sapir

Co-Founder & CEO

Eliran Sapir

Approval Rating: 88/100


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Internet Software





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Apptopia was founded in 2011 and its headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Apptopia has $3.4M in revenue and 44 employees. Apptopia's top competitors are Nielsen, Flurry and comScore.

Apptopia Competitive Set





ApptopiaApptopia ceo

Eliran Sapir

Co-Founder & CEO

1Nielsen ceoNielsen

Mitch Barns


2Flurry ceoFlurry

3comScore ceocomScore

Bill Livek


4Localytics ceoLocalytics

Jude McColgan


5App Annie ceoApp Annie

Bertrand Schmitt

Co-Founder & CEO

6appFigures ceoappFigures

Ariel Michaeli

Co-Founder & CEO

7SensorTower ceoSensorTower

Alexey Malafeev


8Priori Data ceoPriori Data

Patrick Kane

Founder & CEO


Apptopia Revenue History

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Apptopia Employee History

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Apptopia Leadership

Eliran Sapir
Eliran Sapir

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO

Apptopia Funding History

Since Apptopia was founded in 2011, it has participated in 3 rounds of funding. In total Apptopia has raised $3.8M. Apptopia's last funding round was on Nov 2016 for a total of $2.7M

SeedNov 2016$2.7MSound Ventures500 StartupsRTA Ventures
SeedJul 2012$1MExpansion Venture Capital
SeedJan 2012$110KExpansion Venture Capital

Total: $

Apptopia News

Apptopia Blog Spotify Growing As IPO NearsIt's no surprise that when it comes to streaming music apps, Spotify has the most worldwide monthly active users. Pandora is second but is only available in the US as it stopped its service in Australia and New Zealand last July. Tidal, which has had C-suite turmoil, caught up to YouTube Music's MAU in September 2017. The two have been neck and neck since.Apptopia Blog
Apptopia Blog Another tech Gender Gap: A Dating App BreakdownAs a lover of love, this Valentine's Day I want to help you land a date. The sheer number of dating apps is so high that the Google Play store has a category devoted solely to them. Apple should get around to doing this too, but that's another story.Apptopia Blog
Apptopia Blog Kids Apps 2017: YouTube Kids Owns The ScreenWhen we saw YouTube Kids pop up as an Entertainment category download leader and a couple of Kids apps pop up as Q4 2017 retention leaders, we wanted to dig in and get an idea for how well Kids apps are performing.Apptopia Blog
Apptopia: TechBytes with Jonathan Kay, Founder, ApptopiaThe post TechBytes with Jonathan Kay, Founder, Apptopia appeared first on MarTechSeries.Martech Series
Apptopia Blog the story behind our 1,200% improvement in model accuracyEstimating app usage is one of the most challenging things we do in the App Intelligence industry.With Downloads or IAP Revenue there are clear correlations with app store rank, which make designing models relatively straightforward. Yet when it comes to estimating DAUs and MAUs, there are so many different components, features, and indicators that the picture becomes very complex, very quickly. And while usage estimates are difficult to generate, they are oftentimes the most important metrics to watch. Now it's time for a confession: our early attempts at building usage models really missed the mark. So, about 18 months ago, we decided to start from scratch. We asked ourselves: if time wasn't a factor, how could we build the most actionable models possible?And today, over a year later, we can finally share the results with you.Our new models have made unbelievable gains in their ability to explain trends in usage volume and usage movement (e.g. daily, weekly, and monthly trends in overall user base).Apptopia COO Jonathan Kay Discusses the Model UpdateThey are, by far, the most accurate models we've ever created. And we want you to know why.Apptopia Blog
Apptopia Blog Where Is This Live Trivia Thing Going?The new trend (or maybe fad) is live trivia game shows that give away money. What is this really all about though? Is it the fact that you can win money? In part, but there are plenty of other ways to do that with you phone and at a time of your choosing. Is it about the show's main host, Scott Rogowsky? He seems decent enough but I doubt it. Is it the live and interactive TV format? I think so, which means the trivia aspect is merely a conduit and HQ as is, won't sustain its current level of success.Apptopia Blog
Apptopia Blog Letgo and Other Marketplace Have Top Chart Staying PowerMarketplace apps, those enabling users to both buy and sell items, are prospering in the app store ranks. There is no secret sauce here. People like buying things for cheap and they also like the opportunity to make some side cash by selling their stuff. Tell them these apps exist and the downloads will come. Just look at eBay and Craigslist, both have had success for more than a decade.Apptopia Blog
Apptopia Blog Crypto Wallets Fall, Coinbase GainsCoinbase and 10 separate top cryptocurrency wallet apps grew average daily downloads as the price of Bitcoin rose. Since the peak of Bitcoin's price (12/16/17), the average daily downloads from the grouping of top wallet apps has dropped below what it was producing before Bitcoin's rise in price. Coinbase is the only app to actually grow its downloads per day since the height of Bitcoin.Apptopia Blog
Apptopia Blog Top Games & Apps By User Retention, Q4 2017What's the old saying? It's not how many downloads you have but how you use them? Yes, I think that's it. Downloads are an important start to an app's life but at a certain point in time it becomes a vanity metric. Intelligence providers (including us) and the media report report on downloads and active users all the time but those who work in mobile know the importance of retention, or how sticky an app is.Apptopia Blog
Apptopia Blog Secure Messaging Apps Are Growing Faster in Corrupt CountriesSecure messaging apps are growing overall, and growing most in corrupt countries. The top three secure messaging apps by MAU (monthly active users) are WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal. Apptopia data determined the average MAU growth of these three apps over the course of the calendar year 2017 in three separate buckets; worldwide, top 5 ethical countries, and top 5 corrupt countries (that we carry data on) according to the corruption perception index from Transparency International.Apptopia Blog



Apptopia Website History

Screengrabs of how the Apptopia site has evloved. (Click to expand)

Apptopia website history

Sep 2017

Apptopia website history

Sep 2017

Apptopia website history

May 2017

Apptopia website history

Feb 2017

Apptopia website history

Oct 2016

Apptopia website history

Jul 2016

Apptopia website history

Apr 2016

Apptopia website history

Jan 2016

Apptopia website history

Oct 2015

Apptopia website history

Jul 2015

Apptopia website history

Mar 2015

Apptopia website history

Dec 2014

Apptopia website history

Sep 2014

Apptopia website history

Jun 2014

Owler has collected 14 screenshots of Apptopia's website since Jun 2014. The latest Apptopia website design screenshot was captured in Sep 2017.

Apptopia Headquarters

undefined company logo

132 Lincoln St 3rd Floor

Boston, Massachusetts 02111


Driving Directions

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Apptopia Summary Information

Apptopia is an online discovery platform that provides data mining and business intelligence services for the mobile industry. Apptopia was founded in 2011. Apptopia's headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA 02111. It has raised 3.8M in 3 rounds. The latest round was in Nov 2016. Some of Apptopia's investors include Sound Ventures, 500 Startups and RTA Ventures. Apptopia's Co-Founder & CEO, Eliran Sapir, currently has an approval rating of 88%. 100% of the Owler community believes Apptopia will get acquired. Apptopia has an estimated 44 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 3.4M.

Apptopia's Co-Founder & CEO, Eliran Sapir, currently has an approval rating of 88%. Apptopia's primary competitors are  Nielsen Flurry comScore.

Visit the Apptopia website to learn more.