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Access Intelligence Plc Acquisitions

Access Intelligence Plc has acquired 4 companies and its latest acquisition was Isentia Group Limited on Jun 2021

Isentia Group Limited

Jun 2021

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Isentia is a media intelligence firm that provides media monitoring, insights and content strategy services to businesses.
Fenix Media Ltd.

Oct 2019

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Pulsar TRAC designs and develops an AI-based platform that offers social media monitoring solutions for automotive, media and educational sectors.
ResponseSource Ltd.

Oct 2018

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ResponseSource provides media relation tools for PR agencies and organizations to connect with journalists.


Cobent Limited

Mar 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions about Access Intelligence Plc

  1. What companies did Access Intelligence Plc acquire?

    Companies acquired by Access Intelligence Plc include iSentia, Fenix Media Ltd. and ResponseSource
  2. How many acquisitions does Access Intelligence Plc have?

    Access Intelligence Plc has acquired 4 companies including iSentia, Fenix Media Ltd. and ResponseSource.
  1. How many acquisitions did Access Intelligence Plc make in 2021?

    In 2021 Access Intelligence Plc acquired 1 companies including iSentia.