Owler has become a key part of my daily routine. By the time I get through with my morning coffee, I have up to date, up to the minute information about deals that have happened, acquisitions that have occurred, financing that’s happened -- served directly to me.

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Owler has become a key part of my daily routine. By the time I get through with my morning coffee, I have up to date, up to the minute information about deals that have happened, acquisitions that have occurred, financing that’s happened -- served directly to me.

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What is Owler?

Answers to all your burning questions.

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Owler is the community-based competitive insights platform that business professionals use to outsmart their competition and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.

That sounds expensive… how much does it cost?

Actually, believe it or not, it’s completely free. Yes, really. So, why would we offer such a valuable service at absolutely no cost? Well, our reasoning is twofold. For one, we want every business professional in the world using Owler (and we’re on our way!). And second, that’s how we gather our data and insights: from contributions from our community of business professionals.

How many people use Owler?

Owler is powered by an active community of over 1.5 million business professionals. As a result, we’ve quickly become the second largest active business community, surpassed only by LinkedIn.

How does the Owler Community contribute information?

Most business professionals hold valuable knowledge and important insights about a handful of companies—their employers, competitors, and industry leaders. By asking the right questions to the right people, we’re able to develop the most precise, up-to-date, information around. We serve targeted Data Cards in Owler email products and on our web page so members can seamlessly share their knowledge. Data Cards pose a simple, yes-or-no, up-or-down, like-or-dislike question, making contributing information not only effortless, but enjoyable.

Each month, members of the Owler Community contribute 3 million unique competitive insights, such as private company revenue estimates and CEO approval ratings. This feet-on-the-street knowledge provides other Owler members with answers to questions such as “what is Dropbox’s estimated revenue?” or “how many employees at work at Uber?”. That’s the power of Owler!

What kinds of products does Owler offer?

Owler delivers three email products: Instant Insights, Daily Snapshot, and Weekly Showdown.

  • Instant Insights delivers funding announcements, acquisitions, and leadership changes directly to a member’s inbox.
  • Daily Snapshot curates top news stories and blog posts, along with new competitors, to members’ attention.
  • Weekly Showdown provides performance benchmarks between a member’s employer and their competitors across web traffic, CEO approval ratings, press coverage, social follows, and more.

But our emails are only the tip of an iceberg of offerings. Our web platform provides real-time insights that you won’t find anywhere else. That includes 15 million searchable company profiles which includes a company’s competitive graph, competitive analysis , the latest news, and much more.

Who uses Owler?

Like LinkedIn, Owler is used by business professionals across all job functions and industries. Anyone who wants to gain daily, actionable competitive insights to help outsmart the competition can benefit from Owler.

Here are just a few examples of Owler in action:

  • CEOsfollow all companies in their Business Relationship Graph including customers, prospects, competitors, partners, vendors, and suppliers to have a 360 degree view of their business environment.
  • Salespeople use Owler to identify trigger events, discover lookalike companies, and ultimately close more deals. See how your favorite sales influencer takes advantage of Owler.
  • Marketers help their brand gain visibility with Owler, and compare their brand performance against their competition.
  • Recruiterspounce on top talent by following companies their clients are looking to recruit from.
  • Investorsdrive better returns by tapping into market insights such as likelihood of an outcome, and how a potential investment stacks up against its competition.
  • Customer Success Managers follow their accounts to understand their business, determine opportunities for growth, and to provide increased value.
  • Business Development Professionals identify new partnership opportunities by staying abreast of the latest news, and alerts in their industry.
  • Product Managers keep a pulse on the competition’s upcoming products to get a feel for how their own product stacks up.
  • Job Seekers identify companies in their geographic area, and research potential opportunities.

What types of companies use Owler?

Owler helps businesses of all shapes and sizes; from small startups with a single office all the way to large, global enterprises. Owler users include 96 percent of the Fortune 500, and 73 percent of High Growth Companies. In fact, chances are someone from your organization is already taking advantage of Owler.

How accurate is Owler’s information?

Owler has the most accurate business information on the planet.

Traditional data companies gather information with teams of researchers, updating their information every 12 months or in many cases longer. That means your team is basing their most important business decisions based on old, outdated, often inaccurate information.

Contrastingly, Owler is updated in real-time from our community of 1.5 million business professionals. Because contributions from in-the-know members are always rolling in, our data is always fresh, and the most accurate on the market.

To prove the validity of our contribution model, we posed the Owler Challenge. Similar to the concept behind the Pepsi Challenge, the Owler Challenge is a blind test that presents business professionals with two revenue estimates from two different sources (Owler vs. Dun & Bradstreet) and asks which is more accurate. In an experiment including over 1,000 business professionals, Owler’s data won the challenge 62 percent of the time. And, we’re only getting better: our accuracy improves with each new member and every additional contribution.

Owler solves the core problem that exists in competitive intelligence: the lag between the creation of information and the timeliness in which it’s needed.

Wow, that sounds great to me. I want to get on Owler NOW! How do I get started?

We won’t make you wait. You can sign up for Owler right away on with your work email address. Once you do so, you’ll immediately understand the the power that Owler has to offer and the value we deliver.

How do I make the most out of Owler?

Follow companies that matter to you. That means your competitors, customers, prospects, vendors, industry powerhouses, or other companies that you want on your radar. You’ll get all the latest updates on companies that you follow, including press mentions, blog posts, and press releases, so you’ll never miss a thing.

Want even more details? Check out our support page

Want to learn more about Owler as a business? Then read on.

How many people work at Owler, and where are you based?

Owler is headquartered in Silicon Valley (San Mateo, CA) with an office in Coimbatore, India. We employ 150 people across both offices. In fact, our own company profile is the best place to learn all the fast facts about us. Here’s a glimpse:


(Sidenote: if you’re a fan of these kinds of details, you’ll find Owler’s company profiles to be a treasure trove of engrossing tidbits.)

Are you venture backed?

Indeed we are! We’re funded by Norwest Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures.


The screenshot above is taken from our very own company profile on Owler. You can find this type of information and more on the 15 million searchable company profiles on our platform.

What are your company values?

We strive to incorporate Quality, Personality, Simplicity, and Speed (QPSS) in every aspect of our company and work. You can read more here -

What about Enterprise solutions?

Owler’s API powers the leading Account Based Marketing (ABM) technologies (like Marketo), sales and marketing SaaS offerings (including InsideSales and Salesloft), financial services companies, and more—allowing them to leverage the most accurate private company information, competitive data, and news and alerts in existence.

If you’re interested in learning more contact us.

How do I stay up to date on the latest news from Owler?

Actually, the best way to stay updated on the latest news from any company is to follow them on Owler. Just click the yellow star on our company profile, and you’ll get all the latest blog posts and news on us delivered straight to your inbox.

And if you’re feeling social, you can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.