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As marketers, we aim to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. So what do we do? Publish a few blog posts each month, update social media, issue press releases, run paid campaigns, set up prospects on a nurture track, and send out marketing emails. And after all that, we still need to analyze the results.

Plus, it’s become increasingly challenging to reach our target audiences. How many people subscribe to your blog? Can you be certain that everyone who’s interested is aware of your posts? And, your latest social media post — unless you pay to boost the reach, even your own followers are likely missing the update. So, how do you ensure that all your company’s interested parties stay up-to-date with the latest company announcements, press coverage, and blog posts? And, do it all for free? Owler is the answer to your marketing prayers.

Yes, Owler. The same company that 1M+ business professionals use daily to stay in the know on the latest business news.

Each morning, Owler sends out the Daily Snapshot, a hand curated email on the latest news related to the companies a user follows.


So what does that mean for marketers?

Each of your followers on Owler will automatically receive the news about your company and your company’s blog posts. Have a key message you want to distribute? Simply publish your blog post, or press release, and Owler will automatically pick it up through our RSS feeds. Each day we process 11,000 news articles and 22,000 blog posts. Whatever you accomplish, produce, or write, Owler will handle content distribution, allowing you to more effectively market your brand, automatically keep your followers up to date, build links, and gain exposure.

Basically, you make the news or author content, and we’ll spread the word.

That all sounds great, right? But how as a marketer, how do you get started? Where do you start? Don’t worry—we’re here to with the answers to all your burning questions.

Let’s start from the top. What is a company profile, anyway?

Good question! Each company on Owler has its own company profile, complete with firmographic data, and insights about that company. That can be anything from revenue, to number of employees, to the latest news, to CEO approval ratings, and so much more. The data and insights are the bread and butter of Owler: they’re what make Owler so intelligent. See something you’d like to change on your company’s profile? Simply click the “update this profile” button in the top right corner, to edit things like your Twitter handle and address.

The way we gather the information on company profiles comes from contributions from the Owler community—registered business users who regularly edit, add to, and vote on our platform. Right now, we have profiles for over 15 million companies globally, and that number is growing by the day.

That sounds great! Where do I sign up?

You can sign up on but hitting the “sign up” button in the top right corner. Or, search for a company, which will then direct you to a registration page. Once you’re registered, you can invite your team to join you on Owler.

Cool… but what does Owler do for me? How can an Owler profile benefit my business?

Owler is useful tool for building brand awareness. It’s free, easy-to-use, and widespread—simply having an Owler profile can help you gain exposure and bolster brand authority in several different ways. For instance:

  • Free Marketing Outreach: Push marketing content to your followers automatically, without running any paid campaigns. Whenever you publish blog posts, press releases, and marketing videos, Owler adds them to your company profile. And better yet, your followers will be alerted in their Daily Snapshot.
  • Gain Market Share: Owler’s Competitive Graph associates your company’s profile with those of your competitors. So, when you publish major news, in addition to notifying your own followers, Owler will update your competitors’ followers as well. Thus, expanding your reach and helping new prospective users/customers discover your company.
  • Visibility: Owler is built for visibility. Each Owler profile links to other related company profiles. Owler’s designed to broadcast data related industries, and even more potential users, customers, clients, or followers.

Get More Followers on Owler

The more followers you have, the more people see your content.


Here are a few tips to help you build your Owler following:

  • Encourage Your Coworkers to Sign Up. Everyone who works at your company has an inherent interest in your marketing efforts, press mentions, and media coverage. While normally, it’s all too easy for your coworkers across the organization to miss out on these updates, Owler ensures that everyone stays in the know by combining all company news. Not to mention, Owler is a useful tool for everyone in all departments—to track competitors, stay updated with clients, keep tabs on sales prospects, and so much more. You can even include Owler as a component of your onboarding process.
  • Include Owler in Your Marketing Channels. Add a link to Owler in your website footer, blog, and newsletters so your current fans and followers can stay up to date with your proliferating profiles. Plus, anyone directed to your blog from social channels will see the little orange owl at the bottom of the page, making even more Owler followers a mere click away.
  • Link to Your Owler Profile in Your Email Signature. This is a super simple way to get eyes on your Owler profile. By adding the orange owl to your email signature alongside social channels, you’ll let anyone you email know about your presence on Owler. And given that you’re already in touch with these people, it’s fair to assume that they care what you’re up to.