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Owler CEO on how the platform stands out


Jim Fowler, CEO of Owler, says the business insights platform can focus on companies its users care about instead of just companies they follow.

Does Energy Hit High Marks with Diversity in Leadership?

by Valerie Jones

A 2017 study by business insight platform Owler found that the energy and utilities industry ranked sixth out of 17 industries for diversity in its leadership teams.

Employees often perceive their companies to be more or less diverse than they actually are

by Jarod Lindzon

When it comes to having diverse leadership, perception doesn’t always align with reality. Media attention and reports targeting certain industries can serve to create misconceptions about their relative diversity while inadvertently allow other industries to fly under the radar.

How to Use Business Relationship Graphs to Find Talent

by Jason McDowell

“Business relationship graphs” can be used to identify sales leads, services gaps, and other opportunities for new or improved business operations. While recruiting and HR pros may not be involved in – or necessarily aware of – the creation of an organization’s business relationship graphs, that’s a missed opportunity. These graphs can be excellent sources of new talent.

10 Most Diverse Industries in the US, Ranked

by Conor Cawley

Thanks to data from Owler, we now know that retail is the number one industry promoting diversity in the workplace. After surveying “11,700 stakeholders and providing an assessment of leadership team diversity for over 1,100 unique organizations,” Owler scored industries on a scale of 100. And the results gave a pretty clear picture of who is committed to diversity and who isn’t.

The 10 industries with the most diverse leadership, according to employees and stakeholders

by Alison DeNisco Rayome

Perceptions of company leadership diversity don't always match up with reality, according to a new report from Owler. Rankings from their 2017 Perceptions of Leadership Team Diversity report demonstrate which companies are perceived to have the most diverse leaders by industry, region, and division, across both public and private companies.

Retail Industry Leads In Perception Of Diversity

by Tanya Gazdik

Owler’s 2017 Perceptions of Leadership Team Diversity study focuses on how the public perceives corporate leaders. The data is segmented by region and industry across the public and private sector.

Poaching Kills Relationships. Instead: Consider Mining a 'Business-Relationship' Graph.

by Heather R. Huhman

While low unemployment is good news for the economy, it makes finding the right talent more difficult. This forces employers to get creative.One solution is utilizing business-relationship graphs, or visual guides which depict relationships of professionals and organizations.

New Report from Owler Explores Public Perceptions of Corporate Leadership Team Diversity

by PR Web

Owler, the world’s leading source for community-based business insights, today released its 2017 “Perceptions of Leadership Team Diversity” Study, which provides a true market view of how the public perceives the diversity of corporate leadership teams.

Redesign, move, declutter _ businesses fix workspace issues

by Joyce M. Rosenberg

Small firms with big budgets can hire architects and designers to create better workspaces. But technology startup Owler needed to be frugal as it moved from one room into a bigger space in 2012. In order to create spaces in San Mateo, California, and a sales office in Spokane, Washington, the answer was design-it-yourself projects.

Four bad habits that executives should nix

by Terri Williams

Old habits may be hard to break, but leaders who plan to be successful in the C-Suite need to make a concerted effort to do so. What are some of the career-limiting habits and behaviors? We asked a variety of business experts to share their thoughts.

What Sled Dogs Taught Me About Motivating Employees

by Jim Fowler

Before making my way into tech, I learned the ropes of entrepreneurship by owning and operating a ski resort. One day, I was approached by a dogsled guide wanting to run tours out of our resort. Much like sled dogs, humans count on their leaders for a sense of purpose and direction. So how do you go about motivating your team through the common challenges that affect a business?

4 Ways to Use Insights for More Effective ABM

by Jim Fowler

Buzzwords don’t get much buzzier than account-based marketing. Still, while it’s great in theory, ABM isn’t all that practical for most businesses. That’s why, as a marketer, you'll get more mileage from your materials by employing ABM to court many similar accounts rather than just one.

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Started: With Jim Fowler, CEO of Owler

by Brad Micklin with Yitzi Weiner

Owler Founder Jim Fowler talks entrepreneurship with Yitzi Weiner, including what he learned, what he wishes he knew, and what budding entrepreneurs need to know.

Is Data as a Service (DaaS) the Future?

by Jim Fowler

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have come to rely on one thing to understand consumers: data. But for all the computing power, data mining and customer insights available, most companies stumble trying to leverage the full potential of their findings. DaaS allows subscribers to pull data streams whenever the need arises.

What to Do When Your Mother Tells You Your Data Resembles 'a Rat's Nest'

by Jim Fowler

Thanks to the internet, the pool of sales leads is now global. This poses a problem for many companies: There’s so much noise in the market — and so much data — that businesses often stumble just trying to qualify a lead. Here are some tips for better data management to help you qualify more leads.

302: The Owler 2017 CEO Likeability Study Reveals The Most Liked CEOs

by Neil C. Hughes

I thought there was a larger story here about transparency in the c-suite. The public is weighing-in on a CEOs every move as if they were a restaurant on Yelp. I invited Owler CEO Jim Fowler onto the show to talk about why CEO likeability has become such a crucial issue in this new era of transparency and accountability.

Who's the most likable CEO in Cleveland?

by Will Ujek

Owler, the internet database company, released a 2017 report on the most likeable CEOs and topping the chart in Cleveland was the queen of nutrition machines, Jodi Berg. So, what’s her secret?

Silicon Valley’s Latest Scandals Show that This 1 Thing Still Matters

by Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

In the start-up ecosystem, we've gotten into the habit of revering brilliance and innovation, perseverance, grit, focus, and vision. And it's true: these qualities can jumpstart a new business or industry. But recent events have shown us that that alone may not be enough. In order for entrepreneurs and their creations to reach their full potential, they must also have integrity.

4 Ways to Take Charge of Your Workplace Productivity

by Jim Fowler

Productivity begets productivity. Simply seeing others hard at work inspires you to do the same—and in a more focused way, no less. That said, it’s up to you to shape your workday into productive time. This often requires a combination of focus, determination and dedication. It also doesn’t hurt if you’re self-motivated at work.

The CEOs We Love To ... Like?

by Alison Hill

“CEO likability has become a crucial issue in this new era of visibility, where CEOs are subject to reviews as if they were a restaurant on Yelp,” says Jim Fowler, founder and CEO of Owler. But the survey and its results made me wonder: How important is likability, really? I decided to ask a former entertainment executive-turned-licensed therapist and executive coach.

How's the Boss?

by Kristy Stevenson

The old way of leadership, where the CEO and upper management rule over employees is and determine the direction of the organization, is dying. This is according to JIm Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat, who just topped Owler's 2017 report on CEO Likeability for the greater Raleigh area.

Uber Employees Were Just Asked About Travis Kalanick's Performance and Almost All of Them Agreed

by Eric Mack

Data from Owler found that 95 percent of Uber employees had a favorable view of their founder. That's a hefty 53 point gap compared to the 42 percent of the general public with a favorable opinion of Kalanick.

Powering Playbooks: Owler and Partner to Make Sales More Efficient

by, the industry's leading predictive sales acceleration platform powered by artificial intelligence, announced a collaboration with Owler, the world's largest community-based business insights platform. Owler data will power key components of's Playbooks sales acceleration platform.

Inside the C-Suite: the Most Likable CEOs in America

by Jim Fowler

As a CEO -- the person responsible for employees’ livelihoods and the company's success at meeting revenue goals and earnings targets -- public perception matters. In an era when executives are subject to regulatory scrutiny, performance-based compensation and the potential for their mistakes and innovations alike to go viral in minutes, it’s important to know how our industry leaders measure up.

Bloomberg Markets: Uber CEO Kalanick Relinquishes Power

by Carol Massar and Cory Johnson

Eric Newcomer Startup Reporter Bloomberg News Discussing Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quitting under pressure from investors as a torrent of self-inflicted scandals enveloped him and the global ride-hailing leviathan he co-founded. Jim Fowler, CEO at Owler, also participates in the discussion.

You Can Make Your Sales Data a Lot Better with a Little Discipline

by Jim Fowler

Inaccurate data took a $3.1 trillion bite out of the U.S. economy in 2016. That’s why decision makers require spot-on data and efficient, streamlined systems to maintain it. Otherwise, they’ll end up with what I call a “rat’s nest”: dirty, duplicate, or dead information that obscures useful insights for making smart decisions.

Data as a Service: 5 Strategies to Transition How You Access Data

by Jim Fowler

Information wants to be free — at least that’s the saying. And like any good saying, you can read it in one of two ways. First, information seeks to be out there and open to all. Second, it doesn’t want to cost a thing. No matter how you see it, either interpretation leads to the idea that data should be available on demand, which is how data as a service was born.

CEO Likability Influences Consumer Decisions

by Tanya Gazdik

“Today, consumers are increasingly conscientious of company conduct and ethics,” Fowler tells Marketing Daily. “Brand loyalty isn’t just built on quality and name anymore, but on the way that company interacts with employees, customers, and the world. And typically, ‘that company’ refers to the CEO, board, and executive team.”

Why Marissa Mayer is the ‘least likable’ CEO in tech

by Zameena Mejia

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may have launched her career in tech as one of Google's first employees, but her meteoric rise hasn't come without problems. In fact, Mayer, 42, has just been ranked the least likable CEO in tech, according to a new survey from Owler.

Putting It Together

by Tom Simpson

Meet Jim Fowler, the poster child for the type of entrepreneur Spokane needs to attract. In 2003 he founded Jigsaw in Silicon Valley, which was ultimately sold to Salesforce in 2010 for $175 million. Along the way, Fowler built a sales and service center in Spokane that employed more than 100 people at the time of the acquisition. The company continues to have a presence in Spokane, with an office on Mirabeau Parkway.

The Most Loved And Hated CEOs In America

by Jeff Kauflin

Some CEOs have converted both their employees and the American public into loyal supporters, while others have led their companies into public relations crises and inspired the wrath of the country. So which ones have the most and fewest fans? Owler recently released a list of the most loved and hated CEOs.

The 22 most liked CEOs in tech

by Julie Bort

Who are the most-liked CEOs? And how do the heads of tech companies stack up against their non-tech peers? Owler set out to find out. As part of the survey, Owler users rated more than 167,000 CEOs from different industries and from around the world.

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer is the 'least likable' CEO in tech, survey finds

by Julie Bort

Owler released a survey that names the 50 most liked CEOs of public US companies.Tech CEOs dominated the list, landing 22 of the of the 50 spots. Even so, tech CEOs really weren't all that well liked. Not a one landed in the top 10 on the list, and five of them landed on the second list of the study: the least liked CEOs, per its likability index.And the lowest scoring tech CEO of all: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

A PR Guy Is the Most Liked CEO in Advertising

by Lindsay Stein

Who is the most liked CEO in the ad world? It's a PR executive, Richard Edelman, who handily trounced both Publicis CEO Maurice Levy and WPP's Chief Executive Martin Sorrell. That's according to Owler, who runs a National Likeability Study, conducted by polling its global database of 15 million companies and over 167,000 executives.

Owler Releases Inaugural 2017 Top-Rated CEO Rankings

by PR Web

Owler announced the launch of its inaugural Top-Rated CEO Rankings, which provides a true market view of CEO ratings based on over a quarter million inputs from members of the Owler Community. The ratings break down the most-liked CEOs across the country by industry and city, and compares CEOs at public and private organizations.

Innovation Through Crowdsourcing And AI

by Jeremy Bellinghausen

AI is a practical, efficient way to help business technology get smarter as a product gains traction. It allows companies to use insights from a large community of users to continually improve upon their products—and those companies need to both understand their consumers’ motivations and capitalize on them using the right tools.

Why You Need to Keep Tabs on More Than Your Competition

by Jeremy Bellinghausen

Every CEO knows how important it is to track competitors. But why should you limit this well-rounded understanding strictly to your competitors? In business, it’s important to understand all of your relationships; that means tracking not only your competitors, but also your customers, partners, prospects, vendors, and suppliers.

Crowdsourced Insights Are Here to Kill the Data Dinosaur

by Jim Fowler

These slow and lumbering data dinosaurs — which are typically household names — often don’t realize their tactics are from another era. Yet they believe they’ve cornered the market. But what data dinosaurs don't realize is that they're about to go extinct.

A Low-Info Morning Diet: The Key to Creative Thought?

by Jim Fowler

To be productive, it’s important to harness your energy early in the day. Rather than fill up on more stuff, wouldn’t a better option be to start your morning with a low-info diet? The morning is one of the few times during the day when your head is clear enough to pull original ideas out.

Why Tech Should Behave More Like Finance

by Jim Fowler

The financial industry often gets a bad rap. But the most pure markets in finance are incredibly sophisticated and arguably result in the most level playing fields of any industry. Leaders in other fields can learn a great deal from studying leading finance companies.

Why CMOS Need To Manage Their Talent For Long-Term Growth And ROI

by Steve Olenski

When it comes to money, those that end up with the largest portfolios tend to be those that effectively manage how they save, spend, and invest. They often take a long-term approach with the understanding that the more attention they give their portfolio, the more ROI they will get from it. And, that’s an intangible item but a very important asset in our lives.

How One Company Exponentially Grew Its User Base Two Years in a Row

by Anna Johansson

When it comes to 10Xing user growth, Owler knows a thing or two, because they’ve done it—two years in a row. Owler, a crowdsourced competitive intelligence platform, has more than one million active users. Over the course of the last year, Owler’s member community has grown ten times in size, and Owler is now the second largest active business community after LinkedIn.

The Secret To Outpacing Your Rival? Competitive Insights.

by Jim Fowler

Using the competition's moves to drive your own innovation is a lot different from reacting to what the opposition does. After all, winners set the pace — not the other way around. If you want to stay ahead, it’s all about keeping the competition in your rearview mirror.

The Killer D’s Of Data—And How To Fix Them

by Jim Fowler

If your data gets contaminated by the killer D’s of data—duplicate, dirty, or dead records—every part of your business will slow down. And being that all businesses are now information businesses, you can’t let anything plague your data. It’ll kill your bottom line.

4 Social Selling Tips for GROWING your Sales Pipeline!

by Mario Martinez Jr.

The research shows, overwhelmingly, that it is not nearly as effective. But with some thoughtful planning, you can boost your social selling game in no time. Here are 4 social selling tips and tricks to help you more effectively reach your buyer.

How To Play With The Big Dogs—Without Losing Your Underdog Mentality

by Jim Fowler

Business underdogs display a certain grit and determination that represent the essence of entrepreneurship. When everyone doubts them, they break the rules and redefine industries—which is why lean, scrappy startups can hold an advantage over established companies.

Owler Names Kevin Akeroyd to Its Board of Directors

by PR Web

“Kevin and I partnered to build Jigsaw, which we sold to, and we’ve worked together at Digital Impact before that,” says Jim Fowler, founder and chief executive officer at Owler. “Kevin is one of the brightest stars in the business information industry, and I’m thrilled to work with him again.”

Owler Has A Million Reasons To Celebrate

by PR Web

Owler, the crowdsourced business insights platform, has blown past 1 million active users, marking its second consecutive year of 10X+ growth. Companies of all sizes leverage Owler’s free, crowdsourced business insights to outsmart their competition, gain competitive intelligence, and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.

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Why The Best CEOs Are Product People At Heart

by Jim Fowler

Companies revolve around products. The goods and services an organization produces provide the common links between different departments, the manufacturing side, and the customers. It should come as no surprise that the best CEOs are product people at heart.

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3 Ways Understanding Data Helps You Play To Win

by Jim Fowler

In sales, the ultimate winning feeling is turning that prospective lead into a closed one. When you analyze the battlefield to truly understand your competition, the victory is that much sweeter;

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Crowdsourcing: The New Model For Collecting Business Information

by Jim Fowler

Encyclopedia Britannica won’t mean much to kids born in the past 10 years — unless, of course, they read about it on Wikipedia. Business information will likely suffer the same fate.

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Harness Your Inner Sherlock Holmes To Gain A Competitive Intelligence Advantage

by Jim Fowler

As business professionals, you need to harness your inner sleuth to accumulate the best possible business intelligence and utilize it to your competitive advantage within your industry. Raw data is great, but it’s not enough to make good business decisions in today’s competitive marketplace.

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$19M Raised, 0 To 1M Active Users For Competitive Intelligence Platform Owler With CEO Jim Fowler

by Nathan Latka

Nathan is joined by Jim Fowler, the founder and CEO of Owler– the crowdsourced competitive intelligence platform business professionals are using to out-smart their competitive insights and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.

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Three Reasons The Best Leaders Keep Tabs On Their Competition

by Jim Fowler

The idea of keeping tabs on the competition might seem as tedious as organizing a file cabinet or stuffing envelopes. That’s why so many CEOS find it so easy to blow off such a task in favor of tending to more pressing matters.

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Marketo Adds Native ABM Capabilities To Its Platform

by Barry Levine

Marketing platform Marketo is jumping into Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with both feet today, unveiling what it says is the most comprehensive set of native functions on a major marketing platform.The core capabilities are being complemented by integrated functions offered in a new Marketo ABM ecosystem. Initial members include AdRoll, Bluewolf, Digital Pi, Dun & Bradstreet, Elixiter, EverString, Fathom, InsideView, LeadMD, Owler, Perkuto and PFL.

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Fast Growth Marketing: From 0 To 500,000 Users

by Brian Carroll

In this interview, you’ll hear from Jim Fowler, founder of Owler on what he’s learned to grow fast. Owler – a free competitive intelligence platform – went from 0 to over 500,000 users. And they’re on pace to exceed a million users by the end this year.

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How 6 Fast-Growth Software Companies Are Surviving In The Challenging SMB Market

by Peter Daisyme

When you think of online forms, file sharing, competitive intelligence, marketing automation, lead generation and social media management, you likely think of the giants. While the enterprise companies in those categories certainly have a foothold on the market, there is another breed of companies who offer the same services to the competitive and challenging SMB space and are growing rapidly due to their success.

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The New Stack For Account Based Sales Development (ABSD) In An Account Based Everything (ABE) World

by Charlie Liang

Engagio has mapped a tech stack to illustrate the tools Sales Development Reps need to help with each challenge and channel. Owler is included in the Account Insight catecory - helping SDRs understand what will be relevant and resonant at each target account.

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Each Day Half A Million Business Professionals Use Owler To Outsmart Their Competition

by Nicole Lopuch

Doubling in size over the last three months, Owler will surpass one million active users this year and has its sights set on 10 million active users

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Jim Fowler – Founder And CEO Of Owler

by Ideamensch

Jim Fowler is founder and CEO of Owler, the free competitive intelligence platform business professionals use to outsmart their competition (, gain competitive insights, and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.

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Owler Blows Past 250K Active Users And Becomes The Second Largest Active Professional Business Community, Second Only To LinkedIn

by Nicole Lopuch

Owler – the free service that business professionals use to outsmart their competition, gain competitive insights, and uncover the latest industry news and alerts – announced that they have crossed 250,000 active users. This is significant growth, up from 100,000 active users at the end of last year. Each month, members of the highly engaged Owler community contribute unique business intelligence such as privately-held company revenue, headcount, and likelihood of an outcome.

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Use Owler: Win Business

by Carl Wideberg

Our first positive experience with Owler was with their Instant Insights. Only one hour after an event, Owler automatically delivered an Instant Insight to my email informing me that one of my client’s Prospects was acquiring a company that my client was already doing business with. My assigned Sales Agent was able to quickly get a hold of the client and let her know.

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The Latest Tools To Discover Customers And Competitors

by Ian Altman

Jim Fowler is the CEO of Owler. An industry veteran, Jim was the founder of Jigsaw, a company he sold to Salesforce in 2010. Jim pioneered the notion of crowdsourcing to capture a ton of data to give professionals insight to contact their potential customers. “Crowdsourcing is people working together to solve a common problem,” says Fowler. Their platform,, delivers competitive intelligence to your inbox.

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Jim Fowler Of Owler: Even As Tech And Data Grows In Importance, Crowdsourcing Is Still About People

by Brent Leary

Jim Fowler has been at the forefront of crowd sourcing for over a decade. First, he was co-founder of the cloud-based contact management service Jigsaw, before selling it to for $175 million. Then, he was with InfoArmy, and finally today with Owler — a free, competitive intelligence service.

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3 Innovations That Are Disrupting Competitive Intelligence

by Debleena Roy

How it works: The company launched its API with data on over 10 million companies. Once you subscribe and identify your competitive set, it gives you information on Company Background, History, Financials, Location, Leadership, Industry information and provides reports such as business round-ups, company profiles as well as breaking news alerts, directly to the subscribers’ mobile.

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How Jim Fowler Sold His Company To Salesforce For $175M

by Andrew Warner

Jim Fowler talks about how he sold his company Jigsaw and about his latest company, Owler. Owler is a free outside resource for tracking and understanding your competitors.

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Daily API RoundUp: Meerkat, Dextro, Sticky, Owler, Meeti, Private.Me

by Joy Culbertson

Owler is a business intelligence platform that allows users to discover information about competitors, startups, and other companies. The Owler REST API lets developers retrieve company and competitor information and retrieve feeds.

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Owler Releases New APIs To Expose Startup Business Data

by Mark Boyd

Business information service Owler has launched an API suite that opens up the startup’s dataset of over 10 million companies so that developers can access company information programmatically via API.

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Founder Recounts Surrender Of InfoArmy, Eyes Future As Leader Of Owler

by Don Tennant

Let’s say you founded a tech startup, it was wildly successful, and you sold it to Salesforce for $175 million. What would you do with your share of the proceeds? For Jim Fowler, it was a no-brainer: He took $1 million of it and started a new company.

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Owler Looks At How APIs Fit Into A DaaS Business Model

by Mark Boyd

Serial entrepreneur Jim Fowler is seeking to replicate the success he created with Jigsaw — which was eventually acquired by for $142 million in 2010 — with his new venture, Owler. The new business wants to collect global company information in a user-friendly format and sell it back to enterprise customers who usually have to invest in the procurement of company data privately.

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Engineers Skeptical About Tim Cook (Marketers Love Him), Says Survey

by Chris Matyszczyk

"With numbers provided exclusively to me by a company called Owler. This concern offers free competitive intelligence about companies so that you can be more competitive and intelligent"

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Smarter = More Sales


Last week, I discovered Owler, or rather they discovered me. Owler is a competitor-tracking platform that also lets you gather and digest information related to your customers and partners.

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Owler Keeps Bootstrapping Startups On Top Of Their Competition

by Emma McGowan

Great for everyone from investors doing their due diligence to sales and marketing teams monitoring their prospects to CEOs (like you!) keeping an eye on the competition, Owler is the perfect industry monitoring tool for bootstrapping startups.

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Owler Uses Crowdsourcing For Competitive Intelligence

by Chris Kanaracus

Jim Fowler first took on the likes of Dun and Bradstreet as CEO of Jigsaw, which used crowdsourcing to collect and curate business contact data, and now, after selling the company to in 2010, he has launched Owler, which wants to take on competitive intelligence providers through—you guessed it—crowdsourcing.

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A Scoop Of Insideview With Some Jigsaw Special Sauce

by Nigel Edelshain

“A scoop of Insideview with some Jigsaw special sauce.” That’s my best shot at summing up Owler, a new “Sales 2.0” tool that I think you should check out."