Leadership Team


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Jim Fowler Founder & CEO
School University of Colorado Boulder First Concert Kiss, 1979
Most Embarrassing Professional Moment Accidentally accepting a Google Hangout video conference call while in the bathroom. Favorite Movie Jeremiah Johnson
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Tim Harsch COO & Co-Founder
School Dartmouth First Concert Backstreet Boys, 1997
Most Embarrassing Professional Moment That time I told the team that my first concert was Backstreet Boys… Favorite Movie North by Northwest
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Gregg Lavine VP, Design & UX
School Union College First Concert U2 in 1989
Most Embarrassing Professional Moment As an advertising intern, thanking a radio rep and his station for his business...but I mentioned the wrong station. Favorite Movie Jaws
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Nicole Lopuch Head of Marketing
School University of California, Santa Cruz First Concert Lilith Fair, 1998
Most Embarrassing Professional Moment Spilling water all over a hiring manager’s desk during a job interview (luckily, I still got the job). Favorite Movie Father of the Bride
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Sumit Malhotra CTO
School Florida Institute of Technology First Concert Linkin Park, 2003
Most Embarrassing Professional Moment After I helped my professor who was trying to get out of his car without unbuckling his seat belt. Favorite Movie A Beautiful Mind
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Stephanie Vinella Chief Financial Officer
School Univ. of San Francisco, Stanford GSB First concert Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, 1974
Most embarrassing professional moment The only woman at a board meeting .... when we got up for a break I followed everyone right into the men's bathroom. Favorite movie I'm torn between The Lego Movie and The Italian Job